Do you hunt Ebay daily for Balenciaga?

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  1. I was just wondering if I am the only loon who logs into Ebay daily (sometimes 2 x's a day) to see if any amazing prior season b-bags are up for sale??

    Sometimes I feel like it has become an OCD quirk - time to check the balenciagas...:lol:

    Please let me know I am not the only one. :biggrin:
  2. Nah, you're not alone. Well, I do it for Louis Vuitton, but same difference. Gotta keep on searching eBay for gold ! ;)
  3. Yep,
    I sure do. Alway looking for the Bbag I really need! Its worked I'v found 2 so far.
  4. LOL - me too, 2 b-bags and both from the same person. :biggrin:
  5. Hey ayla,
    do you think you could keep a look out for a LV MC white small agenda for me? Im not all that great on spotting LV fakes. (only if you have time):biggrin: Thanks;)
  6. Too many times a day, actually :shame: I'm just waiting for that one B-bag I'll see that screams "Buy me!" :nuts: I do it for a lot of other bags, too.

    Time to check again... :P
  7. Loganz, you are not alone! I compulsively check eBay. When my long lost rouge purse finally appears on eBay, there is no way that I can miss out on it. With BIN as an option, I can't check just once a day; things come and go so quickly.
  8. Yep, of course ! Good call on agenda choice, I've been thinking about buying that one too. ;)

  9. Thanks a million:biggrin:
  10. Well, I feel a little less crazy now!! I search for bbags several times a day...I have this fear that if I don't, I will miss out on my dream bag! (Of course I'm not really sure yet what my dream bag is...but that's not the point) :nuts:
  11. yup i do that all the time. i search by highest prices first to weed out as many fakes as possible. i usually stop around the $500s. there really aren't that many authentic ones out there. and when i search only about 200 total come up for b bags. how do you guys search?
  12. I search by newly listed, then look for the higher-priced ones. I search so many times that I run into the same bags over and over, so newly listed helps filter out the ones I've already looked at :lol:
  13. LOL - me too - you know lately there have been bags that are being relisted at the same starting price :blink: ; I don't understand that, I mean if it did not sell the first time shoulnd't you lower it a tad?
  14. the problem i have with the newly listed option is all the fakes that come up. i hate looking at them! they go for under a 100. bleh.
  15. I just look at my favorite sellers list. But I love looking at ebay!