Do you hide things from your husband

  1. My husband understand my needs, but he doesn't understand my wants. That's why I have to buy what I want and hide it from him. He thinks that LV is just a name. He doesn't understand the thrill of going out with a designer bag or designer anything.

    Is anybody's husband the same.
  2. My hubby only knows LV. The rest I tell him was on sale for $200 or so. I do hide, of course!
  3. No, I don't. I feel guilty if I do. I would be too excited to tell my hubby about my new purchases so I'll probably end up telling him anyway. He's nice enough to listen to me gush for 2 minutes. :biggrin:
  4. Yes! I hide everything for a few weeks and gradually bring it out. My husband is an Accountant/Financial Analyst so he is very conservative about $$$ especially since I am home with the kids.

  5. You're lucky, I can never gush to my husband about what I buy--he'll get mad. He thinks I don't need anything.
  6. I totally lie about how much I spend on a bag-He just laughs because he does the bills and knows all..........
    Sadly,My daughter has gotten into the habit of "hiding" my purchases with me,it a sad thing!!!!!!!!!!I admit I love him dearly but he will never GET the handbag and shoe thing........!!
  7. I don't have to hide the item itself, but I would never reveal the real price.
  8. I'm not married, but I can't imagine doing that. I feel bad enough telling my dad about my purchases and I don't have to live with him!
  9. I'm also not married, but I doubt I'd hide it from him. Who is HE to make me feel guilty about my purchases. Take pride in your bags , ladies. :smile:
  10. I am not married, but I have been with my boyfriend for almost nine years. I can't really hide the cost of anything, because he buys the stuff for me. I feel sort of lucky, because he likes luxury items too. His mom was a Gucci lady, so he doesn't see anything odd about spending $500+ on a bag. :love:
  11. If I were married I don't think I'd hide, he'd have known that I loved purses when he married me so he couldn't complain :lol:
  12. I don't hide the item but I do not reveal what I have spent:amuse: Hubby would be appalled at my handbag needs:lol: . He's very conservative with money. Fortunately he doesn't see my cc bill and while we have a joint account I have my own as well.
  13. I don't hide anything because we have one bank account together so it would come out anyway but I'm so lucky because he treats me like a Jewish princess and I get everything I want. He likes to fullfill my wishes even when I stayed at home with my son I never had a problem with him on spending $$$ on things I liked.
  14. I don't hide my bags but I don't run to him and tell him what brand and how much I spent everytime I bought a bag. He notices my new bags sometimes, and sometimes he doesn't. Even when he notices he rarely asks how much (coz he is clueless). But I do feel guilty spending our money on my bags when he doesn't buy expensive stuff. So what do I do? I buy expensive stuff for him. ;) But I still feel guilty because he isn't into designer stuff. I guess even though I make good money it's still ours and when he is saving money I feel bad spending it on things I don't really need (but want). :biggrin:
  15. AMEN TO THAT!! He'll lapse into a coma, if he ever finds out how much I paid for a Spy Bag....he thinks I paid $300 bucks for it!