Do you hem your Juicy pants?

Feb 13, 2006
I have short legs and have to hem all my jeans and pants. I've always had my tailor hem my velour pants, so that they reach the bottom of my heel. Well, one of my friends saw me wearing them and really made fun of me and said they looked so weird because they are too short. She keeps hers a couple of inches long and they drag on the ground and get really gross on the bottom (esp. since we walk all over NYC). I told her I would rather keep mine hemmed instead them turning black at the ends from dragging on the ground, but now I feel kinda self conscious about wearing all my hemmed sweatpants if they look so weird. Where do yours reach to? Do they really look weird if they don't go past my feet?


✯ mathemagician ✯
Nov 4, 2006
huh? I don't think it's a cool look if the bottom 6 inches of your pants are black, wet and nasty. I might have found it cool when I was 14 or so. I was into the messy look back then ;)

I'm with you on this :yes:

Anna R.

Apr 28, 2009
I`m with you too. I actually have a friend that loves to wear high heeled shoes and jeans. but since she`s short and the pants are too long, she keeps on stepping onto them. Now, all her jeans have holes in them, that loop around the heels. It really looks gross after a while when the ends get dirty. I keep on thinking which dirty things could be on those pants already.
So, in your case I would definitely shorten the pants and wear them clean. They are too good to look like trash!