Do you hem your jeans with the original hem?

  1. I've had two tailors hem my jeans and I asked for "original hem." Each came out different. If anyone does the original hem, can you please post pics, I'm just curious how other people's turn out? Thanks.
  2. Each would come out different, because orignal hem means that the hem would look the same as it did before you hemmed it. Different pants = different hem
  3. I have all of my jeans hemmed (original hem). My jean collection consists of several brands (7's, Citizens, RR, etc.) and cuts and I've never had the hemming on one brand / cut look different than another; can you explain what your jeans ended up looking like?
  4. I meant the style of hem is different.

    I'm going to try to upload some pics.
  5. In the first two pics in the dark wash, the hem has a ridge, the tailor ruined my citizens and I'm bummed. It's not the original hem.

    In the last two pics, the lighter wash has the original hem attached but inside it looks not so pretty, however, the stitch attaching the hem is not very visible so it's ok.

    IMG_0454.JPG IMG_0455.JPG

    IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0457.JPG

    I wanted to know if any other people have had a good original hem, please post pics so I can show my tailor. Thanks.
  6. this is how my jeans are hemmed when I keep the bottom. They are 2 different jeans but they look identical. I realized this was the best way for me otherwise the threading somehow unravels.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. hey spylove!! unfortunately i dont have pics at the moment but you should google "sandwich hem" and see pics. actually, once my bats charge, i'll take some for you. the sandwich hem is an original hem but you can barely tell that it's been hemmed from the inside. it's very clean
  8. I've never heard about keeping the orginal hem. This has peeked my curiousity.

    Effinhaute, please post a pic of the outside of your jeans. Is there visible stiching on the outside where the two pieces are connected?
  9. thanks for the pics, the inside looks great.
  10. Hi Jen,
    Thanks, I will search that, I can't wait to see this hem!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. ohh gemruby, you must must ask for it next time you go to your tailors! it's amazingggggggggg, makes your jeans look like they were made for you!!

    i'll post some pics for you and spylove in a second!
  13. You can't retally see stitching. THey basically fold the pants under and do some special hemming on the inside of the pants.

    I have gotten it done at different places however they always came apart leaving me with a ruined pair of expensive jeans which became ridiculous after the 3rd pair. So I tried this place near my bfs house and its been over a year and it looks like how it did when I first got them. I am guessing the extra cloth they add just reinforces the hem or something. Not too sure :p
  14. Thanks for the pic. I will definitely consider this next time I get my jeans hemmed.
  15. Effinhaute, the cloth makes it nice and neat, and the outside looks great too.