Do you hear the heradling trumpets?

  1. IT'S MY LAST DAY AT WORK!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    Today is my last day working for my psychotic boss! As of 4:30pm today, I will no longer have to deal with any of her insanity.

    Do you know what that means???

    -no more hearing about her vagina problems on speaker phone with the door to her office wide open.

    -no more of her telling me that she can't be bothered to learn state abbreviations, so "Go back and redo all your work for the past month with the states written out" only to have her tell me a week later that her time is too valuable for her to spend it reading the state names and change it back to abbreviations!

    -no more having bits of tuna fish flicked on my desk as she talks to me while eating! (ew!)

    -no more listening to her berate her size 6 daughter for being "fat" and calling up her son's school to tell the gym teacher to give him more gym time because "he's looking a little fat this week."

    -no more having to deal with her creepy fiance who told another co-worker to "not let any more towelheads into our country." UGH! We work in freakin' immigration, do you really think we'd find that funny, you creep!

    After 3 years of putting up with all of her insanity, I'm finally finally finally FREE!:nuts: I'll be doing my happy dance all day!
  2. Congratulations Jillybean I can see why you're excited!
  3. Oh my! Your soon to be ex boss sounds like she has some major issues...talking about her vagina problems with the door open at work??LOL

    I think its time for you to PARTY! congrats!
  4. :woohoo:


    FREEDOM :smile: Doesn't it feel good? :graucho:

    Time to PARTY! :party: :dothewave:
  5. Congrats! That must feel wonderful!
  6. what? :wtf: :roflmfao:

    congrats! i can see why you're so happy! :lol:
  7. Oh ,yeah! Jillybean, you promised to tell us all the 'boss' stories after you'd left. I'm all ears!!
  8. LMAO......Ill be in Philly at 5 PM to meet ya at the celebration......(seriously!LOL!)......
  9. YES! I will share the crazy emails today. I'm training my replacement, so she's been on my computer all day. I can only sneak on every once in a while, hehehe.

    Yes, JILL, see you at 5! If you need directions, call my cell!!!
  10. ^Ill just follow the trail of all the EMPTY martini glasses...LOL...heehee.....
  11. Oh my.. I cant believe this woman did that to you!!! Congrats on getting out, I wish I can feel that freedom!
  12. LMAO about the vagina problems! :roflmfao: Your boss definitley sounds like a piece of work. Can't wait for those emails LOL!
    And congrats on being FREE!!!
  13. OMG...I can see why you are so happy...your boss sounds like a lunatic. Congrats!
  14. I :okay: you loud and clear! Been there. Done that!

    Congrats, Jillybean! Time to celebrate :party:
  15. Good for you! :yes: