Do You Have Your Shoe Soles Sealed?

  1. Hi I was wondering if anybody in here ever had their shoe soles sealed? I would love to do that for my shoes to keep them in great shape. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes but haven't worn them yet...if any of you knows where I can have my shoe soles sealed please let me know:smile: thank you so much!
  2. I buy those stick on gizmos that cobblers and some shoe stores sell (Shoe Carnival sells them). I don't think that's what you're talking about, but they work great for me: protects the shoe and keeps me from slipping and busting my bum! :shame:
  3. With my leather soled shoes, I take them into a trusted shoe repair store and have them re-soled. That way, I can wear them in the rain without worry. I don't know where you live, but I imagine most places have a cobbler that can do this. It usually costs about $20
  4. I do the same thing. Also gives you better traction on slick surfaces than leather soles, and prolongs the life of the sole/shoe.
  5. I had never heard of this interesting!
  6. That's what I do also for all my leather shoes. The shoe guy knows how to fit the extra sole perfectly to the shape of your shoe. When it's worn out, you get them re-soled, and re-soled. My Mom kept her shoes for years if not decades and all her friends do the same. In Paris you have shoe repair shops in almost every street for this reason.
  7. I zip sole all of my designer shoes too, even wedges:
  8. Good info - I didn't know you could do that.
  9. Wow I wish I knew about this like 2 weeks ago I just threw out my favorite white wedges--I've been wearing them almost everyday with everything for the past 7 years :crybaby:
  10. I always get my more expensive shoes / or shoes that I love resoled - they last for years.
  11. I do this too on designer and leather sole shoes. My cobbler call it a protective sole. They glue it on and cut it down to make it look like it came with it. Protects the shoe and allows me to resole them cheaply when they are worn rather than have the leather resoled (which is a lot more). The ones I get are a black hard rubber so it gives me some traction too. Cost me about $15/pair.
  12. The floors at work are polished tile and sooo dangerous with heels. I am going to check to see if there are rubber ones available here.
  13. Ive seen this done before too...but for some reason im afraid to do it. I have bad luck so knowing me ill get a cobbler that will ruin my shoes. Then ill cry like a I was thinking about doing it through a well known cobbler in Morristown, NJ that Neimans, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom..etc..goes through. The nicest salesperson gave me his card and told me that all the stores go to him because he is good. I also heard it from another lady. Ill probably send my Louboutins there then take pics to show everyone!
  14. fyi, this is the best cobbler of all time, and they do mail order:

    i had these tall black Goffredo Fantini boots that were completely trashed, to the point i was thinking of giving them away. they fixed 'em up perfectly. :yes:
  15. B Nelson is great - I'm lucky to live pretty close to the shop, but like kachelse says, you can do mail order. For your heels, you can get nude or black, and my hubby got his newest Prada kicks resoled with an awesome vibram sole that looks like it came with the shoe. But, it might be more expensive to go there, I'm not sure. I think it's 20 or 25 for it (I usually have several things done at a time, so I'm not sure). They even rewrapped the heels of my fave Jil Sander boots (the grates on the sidewalks in NY are awful)