Do you/Have you/Would you buy H on Ebay?

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  1. I was curious what the general sentiment is on this topic. I don't buy H on eBay.

    Reason #1: Its just soooo risky to buy H (or other luxury items) on eBay b/c there are soooo many fakes out there and so many horror stories from people who have been duped.

    Even though there are very reputable sellers out there (per tPF shopping subforum), that brings up the Reason #2: The Markup! I don't have the money to pay an extra $3K to $10K markup. If you don't have an established relationship w/an H store/SA, you could take that extra money that you would be paying on eBay and use it towards smaller items at H until you have built up a relationship with an SA. If you have an established relationship, then why Ebay? The wait? I guess its reasonable to pay that premium to avoid the wait if you have the money to.

    The reason this came up was b/c I was looking for the Tohu Bohu scarf & I don't think I will be able to find it at H. But when I hear all the horror stories, I am so turned off, its just not worth it to me.:smile:
  2. i do! but i look on ebay for deals. unless it's something i can never ever ever find like a discontinued scarf or something i am not going to pay more no matter how much i want something. there is very little in life i will pay over retail for (the exception being one pair of chanel flats i have been looking for religiously every day for months and months but even that would be tough for me to spend retail or more on)

    that being said i think there are many people who don't have the time or means to go to the store and establish relationships or to even wait for the right item to finally come in. for some it's worth it to spend even a little more to get the exact bag they want, when they want it.
  3. Being so far from an H retailer, my addiction often cannot wait until I can travel! I have bought two bags on eBay-though not Birkins...and had both (Evelyne & Market) authenticated by our experts. I buy too many bangles on eBay, but I've started to ask the girls to authenticate some of the leather ones, b/c I've seen them faked. I do buy scarves, but generally I'm looking for older ones, and they usually have a coffee splotch or two. Overall, my experiences have been great. (Also, the two bags, both mint, were well below retail.)
  4. I saw a Tohu Bohu scarf on ebay. I think the auction just finished and the scarf didn't sell but it was from a very reputable and nice seller and just under retail.

    To answer your question, yes I do/have and would buy from ebay. You need to be careful but it can be useful and there are some great deals to be had out there.
  5. with Ebay, I always have the suspicion that what you are seeing on the computer screen may not be the exact item you get when you open the box.

    Liza, thats awesome that you were able to get two H for UNDER retail. Thats rare right?
  6. I have bought from eBay and off eBay and yes, I have paid below and above retail. Sometimes, I just cannot wait! That being said, I only buy from a few (about 4-5 on eBay) sellers whom I've transacted over the years.
  7. i wouldnt buy on ebay just for my own personal peace of mind. if i am gonna spend a large sum of money on an item, i want to be 100% sure its authentic. but im also paranoid. if you find a great deal on ebay i say go for it!
  8. I've bought some great vintage bags and bags 5-10 years old on e-bay. I've also been stung with vintage (undisclosed repairs, condition). I can't stress enough look at the inside of the bag. I trust the authenticity people on pf for a new bag but my problem is with the spa. Since I walk mine in I get nervous about the bag questions. Vintage bags seem to be OK but I get the occasional shifty glance:sneaky: from SAs. I condition some of my older bags now myself. A new bag means new bag questions. Still, if a grail bag came up, I might do it. And since my SA left 'the firm' I have begun to frequent other stores. Liberating, at least until I start using my new SA.
  9. Only buy from reputable ebay sellers and also post it on "Authenticate this Hermes" before bidding for the item.:p
  10. Yes, but I am careful. One problem, American Express did charge back and it all worked out. Then I got even more careful.
    There are some very good sellers on eBay who don't mark things up through the roof.
    I will wire money to someone I have dones business with before.
  11. I never buy from ebay...I may look...but that's all. Too many horror stories.

  12. DITTO...............:yes:
  13. I've bought through ebay from reputable sellers. For authentic new bags the price is always higher than it would be in the H store, that's for sure. It is how these sellers can make their business. However it's ok for me, as I've been in situations that I REALLY NEED to have a bag and just cannot wait to get it (anyone who recognizes the problem..? :shame:smile:!

    My experiences with three different sellers have all been fantastic. Bags have been untouched and delivery asap after wire.
  14. I have bought 1 H item off ebay, and it was authentic...I have sold H on ebay...Only items I have bought directly from H boutiques...
  15. Well, one was a Black Clememce Evelyne-it seemed brand new, box and everything-I made a deal later with the seller after her BIN expired-it was around 4-500$ below retail. The other was a Clemence Ebene Market tote-a much less desireable bag, but I use it a lot. The Massais usually seem to go below retail as well. Just tread carefully, and ask the PF for help!!!!!