Do you have unused bags?

  1. Normally I start using a bag the minute I get it! However, last year I bought a brown suede gallery tote (gorgeous light blue lining and stitching) on eBay- I ended up putting it aside and now have yet to use it! I wanted the bag so darn bag and it's sitting in my armoire with the tags still on it!
    Just wondering how many of you do the same thing. It's not like I was trying to decide if I liked it cause I couldn't return it. Do you usually wait to use new bags? I feel so guilty knowing it's there but I hate to sell it back on eBay. Perhaps I'll use it this fall...:rolleyes:
  2. if you don't love love love that bag, hang on to it until about august and list it on eBay, you'll make a FORTUNE!!! I sold the wristlet that matched it last fall and got 14 messages asking if I had the purse! it's super popular and super hard to find!

  3. I bought a really expensive LV on Ebay, I HAD to have it at that time and even got my mom to give me money to get it, and it sat in my closet for six months unused! It's funny how that works. I eventually resold it. But I think we all have bags we don't use like that :yes:

  4. Reeeeeallllly? I will hang on to it till fall! It is a gorgeous bag :heart:
  5. nope not me. i'm the type that switches to the new bag as soon as i get out of the store.
  6. Yep, I do that ALL the time! For whatever reason, I just HAVE to have something and then when I get it, I don't want it as badly. :p

    Right now I have a handful of Coach stuff I want to return - all brand new with tags on them!

    My worst is when I go to TJMaxx and because I don't get there often, I grab what I love that day... unfortunately, I don't always love it a month later! haha

    Usually I end up selling stuff on ebay...
  7. I have an unused bag that I purchased at an outlet in November, I have not used it yet only because it is suede and the weather was pretty wet then. I love it though.
  8. I have two new bags with tags that I am not currently using. If I don't use them by the time Spring comes (the real Spring) I will most likely exchange them for
    something else.
  9. That's another problem! I've never had a suede bag and am actually kind of scared to use it! I feel like my leather bags are so durable and can take some abuse!
  10. Me too. I kind of ruined a suede bag in the rain, it has very light water spots now. :sad: I then said, never again.
  11. I had quite a few bags hoarded unused for awhile. A couple were out of season and they still are waiting to be worn. One was red and I just didn't know what to wear it with...come to find out it worked with just about everything. One black basic bag I just took out of the paper and am LOVING it. I kept it because I thought if I ever got really broke I could bring it out like I'd just purchased it.
  12. Time to face reality!...I have five new unused Coach bags. I love them all and i'm not planning on selling them anytime soon. Shoot, i'm not sure of what I got:amazed: It might be six:biggrin: It's a women thing!!!!
  13. I have three brand new Pucci and a new Botkier sitting in my closet. To answer your question yes I have unused bags. I plan on using them through the spring summer though.

    I just can't put my Coach bags down long enough to pull them out.
  14. I have quite a few unused bags. It's like I'm more of a collector. I see some items that I want so badly, but when I actually get them I don't want to use them. I just like having them, and taking them out and looking at them. It's like I'm not completely committed to having them, so I want to keep the tags on just in case someday I want to return them. It's...odd.
  15. I haven't used my gallery tote yet from PCE because I like the feeling of having a new bag to look forward to. I also have some that have hardly been used and I keep planning to rotate but I am still loving the bag my husband got me for my bday back in Feb. Its just been so perfect for work and errands. Even though its spring I am still carrying black.
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