Do you have trouble being patient?

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  1. Hello!
    Just out of curiosity, do any of you have a lot of problems being patient about finding the "right" bag while there are price increases?
  2. I do.
    Infact I was trying to find the "ideal" bag for my everyday.. but can't seem to find any in the stores this season.
    I've been regretting not getting what I liked last 2 season.
    Hence.. me.. simply impatient and not very pleased about the price increase yet with the decrease in quality control...
    Im now heading towards the pre-loved shelves...
  3. It's difficult to wait when there are still beautiful pieces around however it's easy to get sucked in and then regret the purchase later, that's why I really overthink any high end purchases I make because I've made too many mistakes :smile:
  4. YES! Especially right now I have a Chanel gift card burning a hole into my pocket. I feel like buying the first bag the catches my attention, even though I know there are always more beautiful bags on the way.
  5. I am building a collection to last me for forever so I dont rush into anything. The right one will come along.
  6. When I fall in love with something on the buy and then have to wait a month or two for it to come in it almost kills me! The good thing is while waiting I find out how much I really want it and sometimes by the time it comes in, I'm over it and then I've saved money :smile:
  7. I am so impatient!! Bags cost so much so I am doing my best to pick classic pieces that I feel will be relevant for years to come. The other obstacle is no Chanel where I live so I have to either shop by phone or when I am on vacation. I guess it is good I can only afford one or two bags a year!
  8. I'm actually more impatient about saving money! LOL! It takes so long to get enough to buy a Chanel!! -crybaby- Hehehe!
  9. Me! Especially when you plan a trip to Paris but they don't yet hv what you want. That's what happened to me last year. I put my name on the list for a navy jumbo flap but was hoping to find it in Paris. It was challenging to keep myself from buying something else. But I stayed strong & a few months after I came home my SA called to advise my bag came in & it was worth the wait

    Hold out for what you really want
  10. Omg yes patience is definitely NOT my virtue. I'm obsessive compulsive so when I have an idea or bag in mind I can't get it out of my head until it's done
  11. Yes after paying high price with buying and selling. Now had learnt to be very patient to wait for MY right combination to pop out.
  12. ABSOLUTELY!!!! OMG I have been distracted countless times and purchased so many items on impulse. I have been on the hunt for my perfect rectangle mini for years.
  13. I am the same exact way and have made impulse purchases in the past. My bank account was not too Since chanel minis are hard to come by, I purchased my mini preloved. I recently purchased my black caviar mini with silver hardware (20 series) and I am happy with it.
  14. I actually like to wait and save up for the piece I want. For me, half the fun is in the chase.
  15. LOL -- that is me to a T --- i actually start getting jittery --- which is a pain when it sometimes takes awhile for my SA to locate something (or worse, if there isn't any available...that just makes it 10x worse)