Do you have to sweat...

  1. ...for a workout to be effective? Probably a silly question, but I really don't have a clue. I'm going to *try* to start living a healthier lifestyle. So this morning I jumped on my treadmill (that has been collecting dust for 2 years since we got it). I walked on it for 30 minutes, but never broke a sweat. I guess because the air was cool and the fan was on. lol
  2. You need to pay attention to your heart rate and breathing rate. I sweat but then that is just me and in the Arizona heat (you're going to sweat).
  3. ^^ ITA it's more important to monitor your heart rate and know what the best range is for your age and type of workout (fat burning vs cardio, for example).
  4. I don't really know the answer, but I do think any exercise is better than no exercise, so walking without sweating must have some benefit!
  5. i dont think its the sweat that is most importain like the others have pointed out. Walking is a good way to get started but if you are healthy enough to work up to jogging soon then i would highly recommend something like that. Walking will help get you in shape my but my thought is why waste like 2 hours a day walking (no lie saw people doing this like everyday when I worked in a gym and future MIL does this) and get some but not a lot of benifit from it when you could jog or run for 45 and really see the benifits?

    Get that heart rate up!!!
  6. I find I sweat so much more if I have had a good amount of water throughout the day. I do most of my workouts in the evening. But I do find I don't sweat as much if it's cooler.

  7. Yeah, ITA. I'm going to work my way up to a jog, since it gets the job done faster! lol I was always skinny because of genetics, but never really*healthy* as it pertains to lifestyle and diet...big difference between the two. Now I'm 32 and realize I need to set a better example for my 11 year old daughter.
  8. Sweat is your body's way of cooling itself.

    And your body has to learn how to cool itself :yes:
    And your body has to need to be cooled (ie you have to exercise hard and long enough)

    So after a few days or so of regular/daily exercise at your target heart range (ie 60-80% of resting) your body will know to make you start sweating. :tup:

    You should notice a change over time in how quickly you break a sweat.

    Keep up the good work :heart:
  9. LOL, my DH didn't believe me when I told him that your body had to trained to sweat through working out, so I looked it up for him (hee hee). Thought I'd share some quotes:

    Other than genetics, fitness level appears to play the most active role in how much individuals sweat.

    Exercise intensity plays a role: The harder your body works, the higher the body temperate and the greater the sweat loss; however, as individuals increase their fitness levels, they become better sweaters, according to Murray.

    Fitter individuals sweat sooner and sweat more.

    So keep on that treadmill oo_let_me_see and you'll be sweaty in no time!! :wlae:
  10. What's more important is monitoring your heart rate, making sure you stay hydrated and whether or not you think your workout is effective for you. Whether you sweat or not, if you feel that you're challening yourself during your workout and that you're acheiving or surprassing your workout goals, then you'll have positive results.

    I sweat buckets when I do cardio, but that's just the way I am. I always look like I've been pushed into a pool after running even just for 20 minutes. But when I lift weights, I hardly break a sweat, even if I'm lifting quite heavy and exerting myself.
  11. I agree w/ monitoring heartrate.

    I just did the test where they moitor my carbon dioxide while reasting and then while exercising at different paces to see when and how I burn fat most effeciently.

    I've always been sort of happy to not sweat much, but I learned in the span of an hour it's because I wasn't working anywhere near hard enough.

    When I'm sweating, my body just happens to be in fat burning mode.
    Before, I could do an hour on the treadmill and not really break a sweat.
    Doing it now in my target heartrate zone I break one in 10 minutes or sooner.
    I'm totally not used to it and need to adjust my whole gym trip because of it! LOL!

    I did cardio for a few years w/o seeing much improvement because of this, I hope now that I went through the metabolic testing I will see improvements soon!
  12. If you are working within your target heart rate, you will sweat. Remember it takes 20 minutes to even start burning anything.

    A heart monitor would be beneficial if you can afford to purchase one. That way you can monitor your heart while you workout.

    And sweating is good for getting rid of toxins in your body.
  13. Thanks for all the information, girls. I will purchase a heart monitor. I had never thought of it, so I'm glad I asked! =)
  14. I have this one and love it!
  15. Swanky - I have the same one and love it, too!