Do you have to have a lot of money to carry a birkins?


Jan 10, 2006
I truly love handbags and I really want a birkins. I'm not filthy rich i work hard for my money and a birkins would be a pretty big investment for me, but it won't put me into debt either....
I've been thinking alot about buying a birkins lately i just donno if people would look at me like a fool for spending 10k on a purse. I'm 21 and in sales..... i love my job it pays well but sometimes i think only very successful people can pull of the birkins. I'm probably wrong but the last thing i want to do is to buy a lovely birkins and for others to think its fake because i'm young or think that i'm a total idiot blowing my $$ on a bag.
I think if you love it, do it! You make the money and it should buy you what will make you happy :biggrin: I think a real birkin carries itself anyway, just like how you can spot a fake MC a mile away. As long as you're living within your means I think its fine! I'm 22 and am in the process of hunting for my birkin as well!
There's no such thing that you must be a multi-millionaire to carry a birkin. Like what Noriko long as you're living within your means and make sure you don't end up with debts coz' of purchasing a birkin, it's fine.

Birkin is an investment. Whether people will know your birkin is real or not.......only those who shop at hermes' will be able to identify the authencity. The rest won't know.

Look at Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Lindsay Lohan.........these people are young around your age and they're all carrying birkins. Check out Nicole's pic carrying a black birkin at
i knew you lovely ladies would say that but look at all the girl that you listed carrying the bag they are all millionaires, young, rich, and famous.
Yup the girls are listed are millionaires coz' you can only find pics of female celebs with their birkins on the internet. However.....if you look at the female shoppers at a Hermes' boutique, you might think they are rich but not necessarily. Everyone can look rich nowadays. With a Hermes birkin [p.s. an authentic one...pls.....], high heels, a dress and not forgetting nice manicured nails.........u instantly look rich. But does that mean you have millions of dollars in your bank account??

Trust me......girl. Don't care about what other people or your own family say. From what I see, you are quite a smart shopper knowing what to buy and don't shop unnecessarily. You've also make sure that your monthly bills are paid first before your shopping trip.

Girl......there's no idiot person who spend 10k on a birkin. But only smart girls spend 10k on a birkin. Once again......birkin is an investment. It does not mean young people who carry birkins look as if they're carrying fake ones.

Remember....a true fashionista is not one with carrying designer handbag and clothes only, but also, a graceful and charming attitude. The way you talk to people, the way you smile, the way you walk, the way you eat and etc..........that's a true fashionista.
I agree with IFFAH and Noriko, if you like it then get it as long as it is within your means. Who cares what others think? If they say something ridiculous it could also be that they are jealous because you worked your bucks to buy an investment that you'll carry for a long, long, longgggggggggggg time!
Of course you need a lot of money to buy a Birkin! How else would you buy it? :lol: As long as you can afford it and don't have to sacrifice a whole lot then buy one. Who cares what people think?
^^^I think you missed the point (or maybe I missed the humor lol), she was just asking about if you needed a lot of money to carry one :lol: Which is kind of different than buying.

In any case, go for it girl! Then post PICS!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
Its hard to tell on the net sometimes :lol: In any case, I definitely think she should buy her birkin...I'm getting excited just talking about it. I want mine soooo badly!
I'm happy now!!! you ladies are awesome so now it boils down to color, leather, hardware..... i'm picking between gold, orange, blue jean, black.
i like silver hardware
and the softer leather donno what its called
Congratulations for finally deciding to buy a birkin. :lol:

hmmmmmmm........:suspiciou blue jean and black is very difficult to get one coz' everyone wants in those colour.

Personally, since this is going to be your very first birkin and your investment, get one in a classic colour. Like gold or black??

However for me, I prefer something in yummy colour like pink in croc, same colour with the pink Hermes scarf that I have. Size 30cm. That's my dream birkin. Gosh......when will I get one.

Or if you're confused on which one, get a bi-color. My very first is black/orange porous croc birkin.

Softer leather...maybe a calfskin. I'm not an expert in the different names of leather. Maybe Noriko can help you in this area.

Overall, get one which you can match with many clothes so you can wear them always. You're not going to leave the birkin at your wadrobe all the time.
i think gold is my first choice its neutral but so is black, i don't mind the wait as long as i get the perfect bag. So i guess the hermes orange isn't taht attractive?
Hermes orange is attractive. I have a friend who owns orange birkin. Whenever she carries her birkin.......everyone just keep noticing her.

By the you're young, why not get an orange one?? You can still carry the orange birkin till you're old. It definitely perks up your day whenever you see your orange birkin. Get size 35cm.

Personally........I prefer the orange to black. I don't want to be wearing black from head to toe. Gold is also my favourite.
No, not necessarily. If you can afford it and it won't put you in debt, go for it! To some it may not be the wisest investment but, what's an investment to you may not be an investment to others. At 21 you're becoming a successful person, if you could afford to buy a Birkin on your own without asking daddy or mommy for the money that is successful to me!