Do you have to be "ugly" to win oscar??

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    Jennifer Connelly is is really sure that a good actresses doesn't need to tone down her looks to win plaudits or awards like oscars....

    I remember Halle Berry won an oscar by being super hot in 'monster's ball' :graucho::graucho:, if that's what she mean, then i'm sure that no one would disagree....


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  2. I'm confused by this post...

    but Halle Berry is an insanely beautiful woman!
  3. yeah. Halle Berry is beautiful.. but she kinda looked ugly in moster an article in some magazine on this topic.. nicole kidman wore a fake ugly nose in the hours when she won an oscar for the Hours and Charlize Theron played a big lesbian woman in guess when ur character is not good looking, ur acting shines..
  4. Yeah, you have to be a beautiful woman and get ugly for a movie, then you win an Oscar. N.Kidman, C.Theron, H.Berry did it and now the've got their Oscars.