do you have to ask for permission before you buy a purse?

  1. i don't know why but i always have to ask for permission from my husband before i buy a purse. and he always says no because it's too expensive. then i get mad at him. eventually he might give in. then we go through the same thing the next time i want a purse. but it's not like i'm asking him to buy it for me! it's my own money! and i don't say anything when he wants thousands of dollars worth of electronics. this is so frustrating!
  2. If it's a bag like an LV - to me that is sort of an investment. We have kids so I can't be throwing down that kind of money unless we both agree on it. On little fun cheap bags I don't ask. I usually only get high end designer bags on special occasions such as my bday or Christmas etc.
  3. No!

    Why do you? It's your money, do what you want with it!
  4. After being on this forum I've noticed a lot of people mention "I asked my husband, and he said yes!" (but with their combined money, maybe?)

    In any case, this is something I'd imagine you'd have to establish, and not by asking! Just do! And get into that habit of just doing, and so maybe he'd not feel like it's up to him since you'd not be asking, you know?
    I understand the disagreement from that, but... something along those lines as long as you don't go overboard, especially if he's buying his own expensive things!

    My longterm boyfriend probably wouldn't buy me a bag but he's definitely into jewelry, which is niiice. But as far as I'm concerned, it's my money, if there were ever an issue.
  5. so the thing is, if i don't ask and just buy something, then he gets mad at me. then we get in a huge argument. oh why did i ever get married?! :p
  6. Would it help talking about this issue with him and explaining your position to him?
  7. My husband used to say, "Why would you buy that? You don't need that." Then I would be hurt and not buy it. Later I started buying and he would say, "You spent how much!??" First I explained a lot how that hurt my feelings when I always say, "That's nice," or "Oh, good!" after he bought something. When that didn't work I yelled a lot. Now he doesn't say anything. If he doesn't like what I spend he can turn his SAAB 9-5 in for a Honda Civic. We'd all fit in it and it doesn't take premium gas.
  8. i've tried. i've tried relating my purse obsession to his electronics. he just doesn't think it makes any sense to buy a $2k bag when i can get like 4 for that price. :crybaby:
  9. Yikes, in that case, perhaps ask him to just respect your decisions (with your own funds!) as you do his. If that does not work:
  10. I guess I'm pretty lucky because DH supports my purse obsession. He always goes with me to pick up my new purchases and he offers his honest opinions on bags he likes/dislikes.
  11. sandywu......I am just curious and please don't take this the wrong way....but does he question how much you spent for groceries? And, do you buy his socks and underwear for him. or does he go out and do those things himself. I think that unless you were spending $2,000 out of the budget, you should never get permission to buy what you want for yourself. A $200 or $300 bag isn't going to break anyone, unless it cuts into the groceries and house payment. That's the way I look at it. If he doesn't go out and get his own clothing or buy the groceries some times, he has absolutely no idea of what things cost out there.
  12. oh yeah, another thing is that most of the time he's okay with me buying a purse if he thinks it looks nice. but my DH has HORRIBLE taste in purses so we almost never agree on something.
  13. I don't have to ask because my DBF and I do all our shopping together and he actually hunts out new bags and accessories for me! He and I don't have traditional children so we enjoy the heck out of spoiling each other rotten! he is almost always the one to tell me the bag isn't too expensive!
  14. We have a rule that all purchases over $200 have to be discussed, so yes, all bag puchases are discussed. All our money is in joint accounts, so this rule works well for us. He does prefer that I get a shoulder bag rather than another handheld bag to increase the variety in my collection.
  15. we grocery shop together and he usually buys his own socks and underwear (although he has a ton of them so he hasn't really bought any in a long time). he doesn't really question things like that. he only questions things that i want but he doesn't. we recently bought the wii, the ps3, a camcorder, a camera...all things that he can use so he doesn't mind spending money on them. he just thinks that spending money on purses is dumb because he would never do it and he doesn't like purses.