do you have to ask for a box?

  1. when i bought my papillon a couple of years ago, i bought it in store...but they never gave me a box. is this normal? do you have to ask for it? will they ever not give you one? i'm specifically talking about the San Francisco LV
  2. Some bags I bought they put in a box (without asking) and some they never did. It doesn't really matter to me, I just throw the boxes out.:shame:
  3. Someone asked this before.
    It all depends on your relationship with your SA. If he/she likes you, she will automatically give you a box. If you are not a frequent shopper in LV, the sa there will just give you the excuse that they ran out of boxes.
  4. I noticed here in Florida, they asked me how I would like them packed, in Canada, they do not ask and generally do give a box except for larger bags.You know what, I think it depends on the SA where I am from. Here it seems like a policy though.
  5. Im with LV....It doesn't really matter to me, I tend to throw it away or it hides in my paper bag colllection ( dont ask!! ) hehehhe
  6. yeah, pretty regular sa is out studying abroad, so i've been working with a new guy. usually, i get boxes all the time, except for when i bought my antigua i didn't get a box, but surprisingly, i didn't think about it, or realize it...when I bought my koala he asked me did i want a box. i like the boxes and they are useful, especially for resale, but the more i realize it, i rarely use them anyways...just like the shopping bags they sit around my rooms collecting dust.
  7. do SA's work off of commission?
  8. Wow, I never realized this was an issue - I always get a box!
  9. mpark: no they dont work on commisions
  10. I experience the other way around in Canada (I'm from Canada too). Usually, the SAs will ask me how I would like my purchases to be packed.
  11. I never even used to think to ask for a box until I found the PF, so I don't know what the SA's do if ask for a box. I have developed a relationship with one of the SA's now and the last purchase I made he just wrapped it up in a box for me.
  12. Hi mpark! I go to the SF LV, too. I find that you do have to ask for a box with them... at Chanel they just automatically put your purchases in a box!
  13. hmmm, i thought they always gave out a box for big bags... i've kept my LV box its too pretty to throw out! and when i took my speedy back in to get it stamped... the repacked it - gave me another box! dust bag and lock!
  14. Yes, you have to ask for a box at LV. At Chanel, they give you a box without question.
  15. All the time my things come in a box, but my Keepall didnt, I had to ask, they said there wasnt a box big enough, so they gave me a different box, they ended up folding the Keepall in half to fit it in though. I was still happy hahaha.