Do you have this problem???

  1. I want to go to Louis Vuitton just to browse, but I know that I will walk out with a huge purchase! Does anyone here, have will-power to just walk in, look and leave?:crybaby:
  2. I'm probably the only one here.:P Maybe the others... :s :shrugs:

    Cause there are so many bags I can never make up my mind, so I just leave.:P
  3. No - that is why I limit my visits to about every other month unless a new line is launching.
  4. uhhhh.....I used before I got really close with my SA at my local LV store, it's like I can go in and not feel guilty for not buying anything (but I didn't do this often, I say I've only done this twice in two years). But now, i communicate with my SA often by we're ya.... I'm broke! My SA's niceness makes me feel bad for not buying anything......
  5. You bet. I am the QUEEN of browsing. I have to love something for a long time before I'll make a commitment, esp. if it's a big ticket item - which I consider LV to be.
  6. I sometimes become so overwhemed that I do leave with nothing. I have to see, feel, wear something IRL first anyway, so sometimes I go meaning to buy something , but it does not look good or feel good on. There is always something else that brings me back in though, so every OTHER time I buy something!:P :graucho:
  7. The nearest LV store is two hours from my house so I don't have this problem. In a way, I am thankful that I do not live closer to LV.
  8. i usually just look around first, then come again in a few days to buy.

    actually come to think about it.. i always do that. LOL!

    think again first before i buy, that way i know that i really want to get the item and have no regret of spending that much money. haha..
  9. I have the problem of buying every time I went to the store! I think there was only once or twice that I didn't get anything! I walk pass the store almost everyday! At least 3 times a week! And I'll be in there once a week! I think all the SA know me by now! But this only happened for the past 2 months since I found the love for LV!
  10. yes i have the problem
  11. because I live in a non-LV city, when I get a chance to go to a boutique I would like to try a lot of styles, unfortunately I only got to do that during my FIRST boutique experience in New Jersey when I bought my speedy, but when I went to TO, the SA that was helping us seemed like he would get I didn't bother..I'll just get ideas from everyone's MODELLING pics! hee hee..
  12. Yes, I have this problem...That's why I have been avoiding the store while waiting for the mirior...of couse that hasn't stopped from buying from ebay and let!
  13. i rarely go in when I have the money to spend. I usually go in to dream about what i want next and to plan my next purchase.
  14. i really can't afford lv in the store so i just mainly browse. someday though, some day.
  15. Well, it's a pretty big purchase. I can't just drop 1K on a bag and walk out. I like to think and deliberate before making a big purchase like that.