Do you have this problem with your tricep?

  1. When you wave your hand everything seems to be moving, esp the tricep area? LOL..

    I have this and I HATE it! Can someone suggest the BEST exercises to make this go away? We do tricep extensions and all sorts at Body Pump classes, but me thinks I'm going to need a more serious set of exercises esp for tricep.
  2. I'd love to hear how to get rid of this...I definitely have tricep muscle but it's the stubborn layer of fat over it...
  3. how about tricept dips?
    Hmmmm to describe??
    ummmm you sit on the edge of a chair or couch and scoot yourself off and hold yourself up w/your hands and dip down and up w/ your legs out infront of you. raise and dip...repeat. does that make any sense??! Ha!
    oh! and bent over guys know what those r right?
  4. That, more than likely, is either excess skin or fat. If it's skin, there's not much you can do. Either previous excess weight has caused the skin to stretch too far to recover, thus the flab, or you simply have the genetics that cause that. There's not much you can do aside from surgery.
    If it's fat, then cardio and weight training will help. Standing tricep press down, dips, skull crushers...all of those will tone your tris, but in all honesty, won't help much if you have flabby fat. You're gonna have to burn that fat off, so find some cardio you like, do that for at least 30 min at a time at least 3 times a week, and cut the cals and fats in your diet.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I do think it's fat and not excess skin. I just started doing gym regularly 4 months ago. Before that, I basically don't work out or anything. Let's see if doing the exercises mentioned above will make any difference.
  6. I was gonna say this too. Esp. skull crushers! Work well for me
  7. That sounds so cute and funny! I can't help with exercises but my Bf calls these "Oprahs" because he thinks she has them really badly...
  8. ^^^

    Okay, I think I'm becoming infatuated with the whole tricep thing. I check to see how much part is still moving everyday after workout.
  9. I think it will improve when you increase the weight in your Bodypump classes (I'm currently doing 7 kg each side). People call these the bingo wings and keep making jokes about them, but most women have that more or less. I find as the triceps muscles grow nothing is moving any more.
  10. Sarah - I can totally relate! :lol: Just started excercising and checking out my trouble spots after each workout!!

    Sorry, don't mean to hijack but how do you do the "skull crushes" exercise?
  11. I prefer to use a curl bar. Lie on your back and extend the bar out like you're bench pressing it. Now, keep you upper arms perpendicular to your body and don't move them. Let the weight of the bar bring your forearms down and towards your head (ie skull) until the bar is right at your forehead, then extend it back out. For obvious reasons you want to start out with a weight you know you can work with or else you're going to have a nice bump on your forehead and a nasty headache.
  12. Thanks Charles, will definitely give this a try! I've a dateline to meet - end Dec! :p
  13. I have the same problem and I do tricep extension, dip, all the friggin exercises you can think off and I still feel like my arms are huge. A month ago, I started going back to spinning class again. Also, I cut down on my fat intake. Now, my arms look smaller and less jiggly :smile: Good luck.
  14. Yeah, we have this in body pump. I can only do a max of 4.25 on each side of the bar, so 8.5 total (in kg).

    Will tricep pulls help a lot too?
  15. Wow, you're good! I can only do 4.25 kg on each side for the lie down exercises (chest & tricep). I'm still getting used to this weight as I've been doing it for only 1 month. Am going to increase to 5 kg each next. Maybe in 1 or 2 months. My instructor said, one's going to get used to the weight and will feel too easy after about 3 months.

    I'm keeping a journal of the weights I'm doing at "how did you move today" thread.