Do you have this problem with your Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois (French Purse)

  1. Hello all!!

    I am new here!~

    I have a Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois--the "french purse" style wallet in vernis (Marshmallow baby Pink from the Spring 05 season)

    The clasp on the coin section keeps breaking. The screws on the hinge keep falling out!

    I've had to go into LV to get this fix 4 times already. This has become a common problem...I take good care of my wallet, not overstuffing it and such, but it's happening every few months or so.

    The first time this happened was about 6 months after the purchase of the brand new wallet..and is happening subsequently!

    Does anybody else have this problem with theirs?
  2. OMG> Well I have had mine long enough for this to happen. Only about a month. I'm interested to see what others have experienced. Sorry.
  3. I've owned 2 French Purses and never had this happen. I would tell them that there is an obvious defect and they should exchange it!
  4. Oh my goodness..I'm so sorry to hear this! No..This has never happened to mine and I own 3 in vernis. I, too have the Marshmallow and used it nonstop for years and this never happened! I'm also guilty of overstuffing and it never happened. Now I'm paranoid that it will happen to my other 2 that I've only began using!:sad: I hope you can at least have it repaired by LV! Good luck and let us know what happens!
  5. Hi,

    I got mine about 2 months ago. Mine is monogram with 8 slots. I do not have that problem but my coin part is so hard to open that every time I open, I hurt my fingers. :sad:

    But I love my new french purse. :heart:
  6. Sounds awful! I have 3 vernis french purses and this hasn't happened to any of them!
  7. maybe your wallet has a defect! I'd talk to an SA about it to see if you can get another
  8. oh no, that is terrible!
  9. I never have that problem. I agree maybe talk to your SA and see if you can exchange it
  10. Oh..dear!!!
  11. o my!!!

    i'm glad u guys don't have the same problem

    admittedly...also a bit disappointed! :sad: my wallet seems to b the only freak!

    ill def ask my SA abt it next time I go in,

    i wasnt even aware that they do exchanges on the basis of defect!

    has anyone here everr got their product exchanged bc of defect?
    or should i expect her to look @ me like im looney when i ask of this? hehehe >.<
  12. Sounds like you got a dud- I hope you can exchange it!