Do you have this bag?

  1. Okay so I was thinking of getting this bag to wear out to dinner with the girls or hubby... I usually carry my PDA cell phone Long wallet a 3x5 little note pad and keys

    If anyone has this I would love to see a modeling pic to get an idea of size and wear it hits when on the shoulder



    Would something like this be a little more roomy?

  2. I think the first one may not even fit your long wallet. it's really like a clutch with a strap. the second one would be more roomy.
  3. i LOVEEEE the chef bag (the second picture) !!!! you've gotta get that one!!!! it is soo adorable
  4. THe chef is really cute! I just realized that the first one looks like a miniature spy! I would get the chef though..especially since the first is too small