Do you have this bag? (need visual aid)

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  1. I did a search for Legacy in this forum, as I've noticed that's what this Coach bag is part of, but I'm not finding any pictures of this bag either by itself or on someone. I'm only finding the larger of the Legacy bags.

    I'm sorry if this is out of line for a post, but I'd love to have some visual aid if you've got this Coach bag. On the shoulder is what I'm wondering how it will look in it's dimensions, and by hand would be good along with it.

    Thanks so much, here it is:
  2. I don't have that bag...but I have other pouches...they aren't really shoulder bags...see attached pics of my pouches...
    Photo 43.jpg Photo 35.jpg
  3. This can't be worn on the shoulder. It is like the picture above and from this summer's collection.
  4. Thanks so much for taking those pictures, I really appreciate it! The style looks so cute. I was looking for a bag for the shoulder, as serendipity says it's not a shoulder bag after all.. I didn't realize.. I'll have to pass for now, but maybe I'll get it in the future if I see it again on eBay.

    Thanks so much
  5. I have an older model pouch and attach this keychain to make it a shoulder bag:
  6. of my pouches you can extend...the other I cannot.
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