Do you have the TEDDY BEAR PINS...

Hi there! I also PMed you. Anyway I wear them on the scrunchy part near the shoulder of my James Perse shirts or as a pendant on a long link necklace. I tend to like the bigger necklaces anyway so using it as a pendant doesn't really bother me much. The only thing is that I wish the pin part went horizontally instead of vertically..then you'd be able to use it as a bag charm.
they look cute on a peacoat. i have the damier and brown monogram. i would love to get the red but i don't know if ill use it. the pins are $135.00 USD
i've got the turtle and mono bear set and i mostly wear one on the lapel of my cord and thick cotton blazers in winter. i also like pinning the turtle on my distressed Helmut Lang denim jacket and the bear finds itself peeking out of the chest pocket of my shirts sometimes too :yes:
There is one on ebay for about $50

eBay: LOUIS VUITTON RUNWAY DAMIER TEEDY BEAR BROCHE PIN RARE (item 120060217850 end time Dec-09-06 10:42:24 PST)

Thanks for all your replies!

Are they 135US each or do they come as a set of two for 200US?

When they first came out over a year ago, they were sold in a set of 2. I have the Mono Bear+Turtle and the Damier Bear+Red Mono Bear. For the second release (which was a few months ago I believe), they were sold individually. So...they'd be $135 each :smile:
I love to wear mine as a pin/brooch. I attach it to my upper chest/shoulder area. I am amazed at how many people compliment it. I only have the mono one but would love to have the epi bear too.
The mono bear is in the middle of the Lex's.