Do you have the same sleep pattern as your SO?

  1. My husband is a night owl and I am a morning person. Sometimes it drives me crazy!

    DH likes me to stay up with him, saying you're at home, I will take the kids to school and you can sleep in...but that never works, I still wake up at 5 or 6, at the latest :cursing: .

    To make matters worse, he loves to tinker in the even when I am 'up' with him, I am usually in the house and he is in the garage.

    Anywho, sorry for the whine, I guess I am cranky from only 4 hours of sleep.
  2. Maybe you should try and make him come to bed early sometimes for cuddle time! instead of trying to stay up and making yourself miserable in the morning. Its hard to sleep in when others are up and making noise. I find that if you can get them into bed, they'll fall asleep even if they were planning to stay up! haha

    DH and I do not have the same schedule...but he works nights at the moment. So we see each other for about an hour each day, except for the days he is off. We almost never go to bed together. Having a king-sized bed to myself is quite nice really, even if my dog manages to hog it all night long.
  3. I am the oppposite. He is asleep on the couch by 9:30, but gets up ~5:00am. I can stay up until 2:00am but DO NOT bother me before 9:00am:p LOL....Well that's not entirely true....some days I do have to get up at 7:00am (:yucky: YUK to those days )
  4. BF and I are each not morning people at ALL, so that's good.

    Even with that, our sleep patterns are not alike at all. Unless I'm out late skating or otherwise, I like to get in bed around 11:30pm-midnight and start fading by then. BF usually snoozes after dinner and wakes up about that time with a second wind. ;) Then he has a hard time getting back to sleep and wakes up early in the a.m. and watches TV or is on his laptop.
  5. we can both sleep for hours lol
  6. My SO has to wake up early up for his job, but he's home mid-afternoon, when I'm just waking up lol!
  7. Ugh, hubby falls asleep by 8pm sometimes because he gets up about 5ish. I don't have to get up until 6:45 usually so we're definitely on different schedules! He even gets up that early on the weekends.
  8. on sleep-in days, i usually want to get up a little earlier than my BF, but not that much. we're pretty similar. on days where he has to work, he has to get up at 5:30 and i usually get to sleep in, so it's taken some adjustment, but i usually just go back to sleep!
  9. My BF and I are on totally opposite schedules. He works night he's sleeping at 7am and waking up at around 3pm. I try to sleep by 11pm on the weekdays (doesn't always work!) because I have to get up at 7am for work :push: We don't live together, so this isn't much of a problem. When the weekends roll around...I turn into a night owl and can stay up with him until 5am :nuts: Of course, then I wake up around 2pm the next day and my Mondays are always hell!
  10. no, DH and I are opposites unfortunately. :sad:

    I am a night person compared to him. Bedtime for me is naturally around 10-11pm and I'll watch TV for a while before falling asleep.
    He'd be happy to be asleep @10, no TV and up @ 5am.
    My body has to be forced out of bed at 7am to get my DD up and ready for school.
    I'm dragging at 7am and DH has been up for at least an hour by then.

    The other bad thing, is I sleep really well, once I'm asleep, I'm good for the whole night, DH tosses and turns and has some sleep problems.
  11. Me, too....and he's says, I don't undersatnd, just close your eyes and go back to sleep! That drives me crazy!

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  12. I'm usually up by 10 on weekends/days I don't have early classes or work, but BF can stay up til 2,3am and sleep until 1! I don't get it!
  13. I am a night owl, and I dated a guy who was a morning person. I hated that! Luckily, my current boyfriend and I have almost the exact same sleep pattern. It is really nice.
  14. My answer is no, with the exception of his days off.

    I work as a sub. teacher and he works as a retail store manager. So I work from 7-3 everyday, he typically works the closing shift 1-10. I go to bed around 12am and get up at 5:30. He usually likes to stay up and unwind when he gets home from work. His typical bedtime is 3am and he gets up at 11am or 12noon.

    It sucks!!!!!!!! I love staying up late with him, I'm more a night owl, but I have to force myself to go to bed most nights. I hate it on nights when I want to cuddle with him or physically have him laying next to me.
  15. Me and my boyfriend are opposites. He's such a morning person. I'm a zombie before 11 am.