Do you have the GST in bordeaux or brown

  1. If so, can you guys show pix, I'm not sure which one to get and would like to see pix first so I can decide which one to buy. thanks
  2. I LOVE that color..I think I saw a pic of it here somewhere..Did you do a search?
  3. OK I found a pic that DJO sent me last week.....:tup:
  4. is that bordeaux? that's gorgeous! is that pink stitching i see?
  5. I have the PST in brown - its the same color as would be on the GST

  6. I saw a brown GST at NMs and I had to go up to it and touch it to make sure it wasn't black. I don't know if the lighting was bad or not. The brown is very very dark. Because of that, I would pick the bordeaux.
  7. oh that's right jeshika, i totally forgot, I definitely love that color
  8. Hi GTOFan, would you mind to let me know where you purchased your bordeaux GST? I went to NM Palo Alto and Chanel in SF, but I could not see this bordeaux color. The NM in Palo Alto only have the brown ones available, but I am not very fond of this brown color. I would definitely love to get a bordeaux GST if I am able to locate one. TIA
  9. Is the navy with silver hardware still available? Or is that a last season color?
  10. Love the pics!
    I'm getting a bordeaux tomorrow at Saks! :yahoo:
  11. I hope this does not confuse you, but I have the dark bordeaux caviar in the medallion tote. When I saw first it in Saks it looked like a rich mahogany brown. I did not purchase it but loved it. I returned a few weeks later to purchase it and asked the SA for the brown, when she pulled it out it was not the same color as I had remembered. It was kind of grey bown and not rich. I went to another store and saw it and found out the color I loved so much was called dark bordeaux.

    Under more natural lighting like outside it does look more reddish and less brown but inside it looks more rich brown.

  12. fice16, got it from my SA in SF Sak's, I think it came from Naples, FL. Purchased during the EGC event and no tax!

    PM me if you want him to look for you!