Do you have some uniquely special *___* that expresses you?

  1. This is not about your favorite *___*, although your favorite *___* might also be your uniquely special *___*.

    What I mean is: is there some item that you wear or carry or keep on your altar or shelf that somehow expresses who you are or what you most highly value, or that reminds you of what is important, or what you most like about yourself or your world?
  2. Whenever I have a rough day or when I'm just feeling down, stressed and have lost focus in what's more important in my life. I look at a beautiful closeup picture of my husband of 18 yrs and my 4 yr old son laughing, with their faces stuck can see the genuine happiness in their eyes. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have them in my life, loving me unconditionally, and making me feel like I'm one of the best mommies in the world. At this stage in my life this is what defines my existence.
  3. My son made me a worm made of wool which sits on my desk at work and when I look at it it makes me laugh because it looks pretty funny. I just love his little presents e.g. they made a chicken for Easter when he was in kindergarden a couple of years ago and all chicks whe re brown and looked like chicks. The chicken of my son is bright pink and looks more like an Albatros from Bernhard and Bianca and his explanation was: My Mommy loves pink and she has her own pink room so I had to make something that fits.
    That are the things that matter to me.
  4. I keep a picture of my Dad in my makeup room, as I do my hair and makeup every morning I glance at him and remember how blessed I am, and to remember to always be grateful. How strong I am. I also keep a pic of him above the kitchen sink so as I do dishes I look at him as comforts me, reminds of moments I like to remember. I also have apic of my husband and I that was taken during our wedding outisde here in Key west, it was shortly after my Father passed and as we said our vows there were 2 doves above our heads on the fence, we both looked up and we both thought they represented our dads as my Husband had lost his dad as well..looking over us. As we looked up again we both had tears falling down our faces and at the same moment we both were wiping away the tears (damn makeup) and the photographer got the pic...its so touching. We both love it. We felt there presence and we loved that. (emotional stuff! it was a very emotional time)!!