Do you have preferences or requirements for your bags?

  1. Just wondering if others have a list of things they look for in a bag - or do you just fall in love with whatever strikes your fancy?
    Me, I prefer leather bags with top zipper and double handles. :smile:
  2. I definitely have requirements! It is easy to fall in love with a bag because of how it looks, but if it isn't at all practical for you, then you won't wear it and it won't be worthwhile. I've learned that the hard way!

    I almost always (rare exceptions) need a shoulder bag, and it must have at least one outside pocket that can fit a cell phone and keys. I'm picky about drop length, too, as too many bags end up jammed into an armpit (too short) or dangling around my hip (too long). I've branched out more with color, but I still cannot do pastels because they don't go with any of my wardrobe.

    I usually prefer a leather bag, but it isn't a strict requirement.

    There are LOTS of beautiful bags, but there are so many different styles because everyone is different and has different needs. I'm much better now about not getting excited about a bag that just won't work for me!
  3. My biggest requirement is a pocket large enough and easy to get to for my cell phone and keys, outside pockets preferably but not necessary. I bought a Hogan bag recently that the inside pocket is big enough, but the opening is so small, it is difficult to get into. Very annoying when your cell phone is ringing.
  4. I agree, but often I find a use for what I think is pretty, so I don't really have any specific requrements other than it must suit my style and catch my fancy.
  5. It's gotta be a shoulder bag. I prefer double handles, but I do have one hobo style bag. Zip top is also a requirement (preparing for moving to NYC and public transportation). I only have leather bags, but I would condsider non-leather.

    Wow, until I answered this post I didn't really think about the fact that I have requirements, but I definitely do.
  6. they just have to be big...i carry a lot of stuff
  7. ^^ That's me. Nothing small.
  8. Well, let's see -- leather (the more beautiful the better, as I have a confirmed leather fetish); large to really large because I sometimes have to carry manuscripts or portions thereof with me, along with all my other stuff; and with at least one outside pocket, preferably zipped or magnetic closure, for keys and/or cell phone. I own the occasional clutch or handbag for evening or quickly running out to lunch, but those are incidental bags. My "real" bags are big, beautiful, and do a fair amount of work.
  9. I prefer hand held bags and bags that aren't made of suede.
  10. I prefer leather double handled satchels or a bag that has handles long enough that I can wear it on my shoulder and carry it under my arm. I also need an outside pocket for keys and cell phone. For smaller bags, it has to be a swingpack type that can go cross body. No suede. I ruined two suede Coach bags, so I can't deal with the hassle. I prefer darker bags like LV MC or brown, black, or dark metallic leather bags. I have a few light colored bags, but they require so much more maintenance to keep them clean. Generally, my bags are large.
  11. I need to have the option to carry my bags on my shoulders, and I prefer bags that are not structured on the bottom so they don't stick out too far against my side when I carry them.
  12. I love a big, rich leathery bag with pockets and/or zippers, interesting handles etc. My problem is that I tire quickly of my "must have" bags.
  13. I need a decent sized bags to handle all of the stuff I lug around on a daily basis. It also should be constructed well, since I need a bag that can actually be worn and not only displayed.

    I also don't like bags, like the speedy, that you can't comfortably fit under your shoulder.
  14. I tend to like either very structured or very slouchy bags and nothing in between. I love satchels and I love hobos, but not structured hobos, if that makes sense. I like designs that are clean and classic, yet somewhat unusual.

    Also, bigger the better! And real leather is a must. I haaaate PVC. I also hate shiny/decorative zippers and contrast stitching.

    I guess I am pickier than I thought :blink:
  15. Preferences:
    luscious leather
    non-flimsy hardware
    strong handles
    rich color
    no conspicous logos etc
    inside pockets

    of course preferences can :smile:change