Do you have preference on the colour of the Gucci web?

  1. Gucci webs (red-green) never catches my eyes previously, cos it looks like Christmas colour. Recently, they launches it in red-blue web. Anyone like me - have a better feeling on the web?:wtf:
  2. i have the belt bag with the red-blue-white web and i love it! much better than the red-green IMO. I think there are less fakes out there with the red-blue too. but i'm not too sure about that.
  3. I like the classic combos of blue/red/blue and green/red/green. When they start doing other weird combinations I dont like it.
  4. Well they always had the red and blue. I have both webs, I match up with what I'm wearing I guess. Speaking about their other combinations, I liked the spring/summer web of light pink and light green.
  5. to me, light pink and green is ugly
  6. i liked the brown-orange-brown :smile: but my fave is the green red green! classic
  7. i like the blue-red-blue combination but their webbing color combos are generally appealing :love:
  8. My large JKO Bouvier is dark blue red and white and I love goes with so much and is not X-mas forest green boston has gold hardware and thak godness there is no red on and green should only be seen in the washing the leather guccissima glad that they introduced it...sooo nice

  9. i agree, the red-green was definitelty too christmasy I prefer the red blue much more