Do you have perfect eveyday pointies?

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  1. What are your favorite pointies for everyday (office, shopping, etc)?

    I like Carrie by Guess, Peak by Charles David and Wicked by Sanatana (wearing me new wickeds today).

  2. I wear my Calvin Klein Lucia's all the time! Especially for work since they're moreso slippers to me.
  3. I'm guessing we're talking shoes?:graucho:

  4. You made yourself laugh, didn't you????:lol: :lol:

    (you made me laugh too)

    As to everyday pointy shoes, I don't have evryday ones but need some...
  5. I wear my BCBG and Nine West heels.
  6. I have like 6 pairs of just pointy shoes(bc you really cant have too many shoes) :yes: but have to say theyre a must! I have to say that my NineWest pointies and Aldo's are my favorites!
  7. Mmmm. I am definitely LOVING the look of some of the new Aldo pointy pumps. Which ones are your favorites?

  8. Which BCBG and Nine West pointies?

    I have Mollys and Fredas and I love them to death!

  9. My usual everyday pumps include Charles David's and Weitzman's.
  10. Which ones? I like Peak and Fever myself.

  11. Hi Andrea,

    From Charles David, I am wearing Loyal and Leisure.

    From Weitzman, I am wearing Fever and Sensual.
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