Do You have People on your Ignore List?

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  1. Just curious.:coolio:
  2. Nope, don't think so :smile:

    Do you? ;)
  3. Yes I do. :yes: It makes me a happier member
  4. Hell YES!(at least on facebook).My coworker is about to join them! He posts multiple times about obscure college basketball? ( do they have pre season college basketball? And do I care? And why????) posts like Horns. Last night there were 7 of them. I can't imagine what the real season will be like... And oh BTW he's been my friend on facebook for 3 days! The other people I ignore are mostly people who I mistakenly friended and they try to sell me crap. I'm alot more careful about accepting friends!
  5. shucks... meant this to be poll thread, but forgot to check the box before i hit "submit thread."

    And yes... i do. Outta sight, outta mind, for me. It's helped me keep my peace of mind on this forum.
  6. One or two that tend to post a lot of large images that cause technical issues, but not because of any words they post.

    I'm pretty sure I'm on a few lists though. :P
  7. On Facebook, I have a couple people who's stories I hide in the news feed. After one too many notifications about their game stats or off-the-wall statuses, I decided to just hide them (not block, but hide the reporting). On tPF, I haven't added anyone to my ignore list.
  8. The ignore list is a beautiful in all of its occurrences. I have plenty of people hidden on Facebook, but not any here (I'm a mod, I'm not even sure that I have an ignore list).
  9. sure! i do everywhere
  10. I believe the question was specifically about tPF, no?

    Maybe not.
  11. Not here on tPF but I have some on my MSN. People I don't know, who just keep on chatting.
  12. Oh...on ICQ, AIM and other sites I def. have people ignored. Not here though, I'm afraid I'll miss something if I have people on ignore ;)
  13. I had one on it because she was truly abusive, but she no longer visits anymore.
  14. Here on tPF: heck yeah. It's as rare for me as white tigers to put someone on it, but it's saved me a ton of blood boiling.

    On FB: Yes. I have a friend (OK she's really a friend of a friend) who is super passionate about her work. It's a great cause and all but she uses FB like it was Twitter and does 90879873 posts every day about something with her work. I just can't hang, so she's on Ignore.
  15. I haven't put anyone on tPF on ignore, but I do on FB now and then. Especially people who always post negative stuff, and those whose back and forth relationship drama I just can't handle!