Do you have other bags you luv aside from Chloe?

  1. Right now, Im using my gucci small positano as my everyday bag, its my favorite at the moment.....shhhh!!! i'm not telling my chloe bags, they might get jealous:p
  2. I think its natural to love other bags, at the moment I am seriously loving my Fendi Spy bags, but it doesnt mean I dont love my Chloes any less, and as soon as the sun comes out, my new bay bag is coming to play ;)

  3. I have always been torn between Balenciaga and Chloe but I must say that Chloe has me most hooked right now :yes:

    Aside from my b-bags and Chloe, I do love my Choco Spy (just like Chloe-Babes) and my black MJ Stam too :love:
  4. There are a ton of bags I love. But, I don't own them lol. Only other bags I have are a couple of cheapies from Target. Not that theres anything wrong with that.
  5. I love Chanel and LV also, but right now Chloe is my favorite.
  6. Marc Jacobs is actually my first love. I have a nice collection of unique MJ bags, and I love all of them.:heart:

    I'm soon to be the proud owner of a really rare Burberry Manor bag in oxblood. According to the clerk at the Burberry store, there were only 5 made in this color. It's so gorgeous! I will post pics when I finally have it.

    I definitely like Chloe, but it's actually not my favorite brand these days. I just don't love the newer bags as much as the older styles.:shrugs:
  7. I'm another Marc Jacobs lover - I have several lovely bags from quite a few years ago (including my pride and joy, an original issue Stella) and two Stams that I carry a lot.

    I love Chloe bags (the leather!), but until recently, hadn't found a style that worked for me. I bought and returned a Paddington, bought and sold an Edith, have a Silverado in the closet. But my recent buys (two Betty large satchels and a patent leather chain Betty) are perfect for me.
  8. I love LV :smile:
  9. I love, love, love my bow Valentinos. I haven't worn the camel one yet. But I will soon.:yes:
  10. I love your spy's C-B!! :graucho:

    I am having a new love affair with Balenciaga :love: There is a black city *somewhere* in my immediate future.

    I have always loved Prada and Choo as well :heart::heart:

  11. ooh at the end of last year, my daughter had an event and their guest speaker was the Editor of Eve magazine. She was carrying the Manor in the oxblood and the colour is incredible :heart: She had been given it as a freebie gift to tote around London Fashion week, tough job huh!!! :graucho:

    hope you get it soon :yes:
  12. :nuts: Gorgeous!!! I personally am not a Spy-lover, but this picture makes me COVET!!

    I love me some Chanel with my Chloe :love:
  13. I have a Louis Vuitton Baggy GM that I just love. It is a really tough choice between that and my new Paddy. I'm glad I don't have to choose a favorite.
  14. i love balenciaga although haven't been carrying them as much lately due to the latest chloe obsession and i also have a couple of lanvin i mostly wear for going out in the evenings because they're too small for me to use during the day.
  15. Yowza Chloe-Babe! Those are gorgeous GORGEOUS bags!! :yahoo: My faves right now away from my Paddys are my Chanel Vintage Ligne bag, a new slouchy Tods tote and my first BV, a small Veneta. :heart: Love the Paddingtons and my Edith loaf but not as big a fan of the newer styles.