Do you have nightmares about your pets?

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  1. Not nightmares, per se, but I did go over with my parents an evacuation plan that gets my parents and my cats out of their house safely in the event of a fire. We do have those "Firefighters, please resue us" decals stuck to our front and back doors, but the plan we're going on now is that my parents will get the cats out of the house before the firefighters come.
  2. I had one of the most horrible nightmares ever. That my DH killed all of our dogs! He loves the dogs, so this makes no sense to me. He has absolutely no resentment over the love I have for them or the time I spend with them. IN the dream I was having the most psychotic nervous breakdown one can imagine. I wish I could forget the dream...
  3. I've had nightmares about my puppy before. She is my best friend and I would absolutely die if something bad happened to her. I had to dart in front of a oncoming car for her when she was really young and she managed to get in my front yard. I'd do anything for her.
  4. ALL the time!

    From a fire breaking out in my house, to a volcano erupting (and yes, I live in AZ! LMAO!!) to someone breaking in and stealing my dogs....I have had horrible dreams and thoughts of ALL of it :sad:
  5. last night i had a nightmare about Stormy, my lovebird, he was in a really cool looking cage and when i went to take him out, my dog Yuki (a pomeranian) was in there! I took Stormy out, and he wasn't breathing, only his left wing was moving and then i screamed at the top of my lungs and my family came running over to see what happened and i was gently doing CPR on him... it was SSSOOO real though!!!
  6. Glad im not the only one. Sometimes i feel like i have major pyschological problems.
    I worry all the time about losing my dogs. I know there not going to live forever, no one does, and people forever tell me to enjoy them while there here but that really doesnt help me at all. Its easy for someone thats quite laid back to say things like that to someone like me because there not the same way themselves and they dont let themselves get worried all the time and they get on with their life. So they have no idea how i feel. This is the way i am and feel and im never going to change no matter what anyone says. Speaking to people will never help me.
    I have good days and bad days but this gives me nightmares.
  7. Sometimes I have dreams about my bunny. I got her when she was a little older and she wasn't held enough as a baby so she will sometimes flail in my arms if I try to hold her too long for her liking. I have had dreams where I would need to pick her up to get her away from danger and she won't let me hold her at all. I have been working to desensitize her to being held.

    In contrast, I also have funny dreams about her since she has such a spunky personality. Recently, I had a dream where she was queen over a clan of grizzly bears and it was really funny. She sometimes boxes things like a kangaroo and she was smacking these giant bears in the head and keeping them in line! I shared the dream with my hubby and now we sometimes refer to her as the queen or the grizzly bear queen.
  8. I had a dream where we were being evacuated because a war broke out. The truck we were in crashed and my dog had her hind-legs broken with bits of bone sticking out. I was desperately trying to stop the bleeding and begged the people at the hospital we were taken to to take me to a veterinarian or tell me where there was a clinic. But they insisted I got checked out first (even though I had no injuries and felt fine) and there was a neverending line of people infront of me.. I escaped the hospital to go look for a vet and my dog died while searching... worst dream ever.