Do you have nightmares about your pets?

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  1. I frequently have nightmares about my pets... I have small furry pets, two to a tank in two tanks. I always dream about having to evacuate and how I would get them all out of their tanks and sometimes I have nightmares about them being forgotten in some way (which would NEVER happen!) or being sick and just left that way.

    It's sooo sad, I wish I didn't have nightmares like this. It makes owning them depressing and it makes me so aware of the fact they will not be here forever, but not reminding me of that in a good way. It just makes it depressing.

    Anyone else have nightmares about their pets??
  2. I have day dreams (bad worrying ones) that something bad would happen and what would I do. Evacuating all three dogs by myself in an emergency is one bad thought I've had as well. I've also had bad thoughts about someone breaking in and harming them as the dogs tried protect me. I'm a worry wart...
  3. Yes, for years I have had nightmares that my cats have gotten lost. They're indoor pets, but I still have frequent,horrible dreams that something bad has happened to them. I get up once or twice a night to check on them.
  4. I just had an awful dream last night that my cat was attacked by one of my sister's cats. In real life, my sister doesn't even own a cat.
  5. Me too. Never a nightmare though.
  6. omg! i have those all the time. i would die to protect my dog.

    i always have dreams about me taking him for a walk and him darting out into the street and getting hit by a car. im so paranoid when we go for walks around my neighborhood.

    i also had a very strange dream and sitting on my dogs back, as if he were a horse, (and hes a pomeranian... and riding him to pick up my boyfriend from work. hahahaha strange, i know
  7. I would die/kill to protect my dogs too just like I would for my family. May sound crazy but they do depend on me.
  8. I always imagine there being a fire & then start worrying if I'll be able to get to my rabbit in time. :sad:
  9. Me too! exactly. I have three dogs I'd have to get out of the house in case of a fire, and I have horrible thoughts of someone breaking in. Awful.

  10. i agree. my pom is like my baby. nothing will ever hurt him without getting through me first.
  11. oh, my nightmare was my goldie suddenly turn into a talking dog and start chanting some funny stuff to me and and later he just started chewing my toes. i woke up, checking on my toes and put my dog outside the room. LOL I dont know but it so scary then.
  12. Aaaaaalll the time, I have dreams about bad things happening to Prince. He's too small to protect himself and I have dreams about other, larger dogs attacking him. It's always such a relief to wake up and have him all snuggled up by my knees, right where he belongs.
  13. i had a dream the other night that my pomeranian turned into a chow and i didnt like her anymore. then i woke up really sad because in reality id love her in any shape or form. silly.
  14. before i got my baby girl neutered, i had a nightmare where i was fighting off a few male cats so that they stay away from her.. and that she wont end up getting pregnant! (i can even remember myself yelling "stay away from my baby girl" in my dream lol) its silly i know! hahaha..

    but yeh, i do get really scared/worried in my day dream of getting her out of the house in case of emergency..
  15. I keep having nightmares about my 15 year old puppy (well, not really puppy ....). I've had him since I was 5 years old, and he's really sick now, so I keep having bad dreams. I have nightmares so frequently now involving him. It's so hard to watch them get old:sad: