Do you have morning/bedtime routines?


Apr 9, 2006
Do you have morning or evening/bedtime routines that you follow? What do they consist of?

Also, have you found having a routine keeps you more organized and/or makes it easier to fall asleep or get into "bedtime" mode at night?


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
I'm a very (and I mean very) routine person. I'm up at 4:30 a.m. - 5 a.m. and in bed by 8:30 - 9 p.m. six days out of the week. Why the loser-ish schedule, you ask? I run and train a lot for races, and do my workouts in the morning, so it helps to have a set schedule, that way I can plan things easily.

My morning routine is easy. I don't hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off, because I already have the alarm set at the utmost latest time that I can wake up, without running late. Also, I hardly ever fall back asleep. I get right out of bed and get ready in the bathroom, with a dim light turned on. Can't handle bright light that early, just yet.

After getting dressed, brushing teeth, all of those things, I grab a quick snack, grab water bottle, sugar free Red Bull, cell phone, keys and I'm out the door. Easy!

In the evenings, I get ready for "downtime" by changing into something comfy, right when I get home from work. I don't hang out in my work clothes or heels. Pour myself a glass of wine, eat dinner and watch TV with the BF. I limit my time on the computer to an hour, that way I can relax and not feel as if I'm at work. I also stretch, do some yoga poses and use my foam roller pretty much every evening. That really helps me unwind.

For bed time, I curl up in bed with a book or watching TV with the lights off, also in bed. I usually do this for around 30 minutes before I fall asleep. I do the same things nightly - remove contacts, brush teeth, shut off the TV or turn off the lights and zonk out :nuts:


dreaming of Coach...
Jan 13, 2008
Hawkeye State
With school starting next week, I'll get back into my normal morning routine. I get up, run if it's a run day, shower, eat breakfast and then play on the computer for a little bit before I have to leave.

when I get home, I usually change into comfy clothes, like sweats or shorts. Right before bed, I try to leave time to read in bed for a little bit. Sometimes I also listen to my ipod if I'm not feeling very tired. I've heard that it's harder to fall asleep if you watch tv or on the computer before bed.
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
I do have routines, but its definitely nothing exciting lol

During the school year, its up at 6am, get dd up and off to the bus stop at 6:30am. I come back home, make coffee and watch the news until about 7:30am. Then, its up, feed animals, brush teeth, any chores like empty dishwasher, put clothes in washer. Work the rest of the day.

At night time, after dinner is usually around 7pm. Shower, change clothes, get the bed ready if I was lazy and didnt make it lol and relax with an evening snack and my computer in front of the tv. I'm usually in bed about 10pm.


Young @ Art
Oct 17, 2007
I do have a routine every morning! I'm a teacher and I have a 9-year-old daughter....I guess both of these things have helped me shape a morning routine that runs like clockwork! One of the best things I started doing was getting up earlier than I used to so I could take a shower/dry hair/get dressed before even getting my daughter up for her shower. We always have a nice breakfast as a family...pack lunches, I do my makeup...then we're out the door. We always run on the same time schedule and we're out the door by 7:00 every morning. I get up at 5:00 so I can be leisurely about my morning rather than rushing. It helps my daughter too because she knows exactly what to expect and exactly what to do every morning.

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
I'm anal about routine... I'm slowly getting back into it after years of chaos. At night when going to bed I take my iphone and chat/check FB /twitter and email... it just relaxes me and I can zone out.

Morning, I do the same. lay there for about 30 mins or so before getting out of bed. Then I turn on the news, check the laptop and then go for my coffee..... start my day.


Moving right along..
Jul 20, 2007
East Coast
My routine has been the same for the longest time:

-Hit snooze button at 6 am and wake up DH
-After he's done, I get up, brush my teeth and swish flouride for 1 min., wash my face, brush my hair, and change into workout gear
-Have breakfast with DS's
-Wait an hour and workout, then shower
-Do chores around the house: laundry, clean and dust, make beds etc. and run errands with DS's
-Start dinner at 5:30 (we eat at 6:30)
-Have a decaf tea and read for an hour before bed which is around 10:30 and it's the same the next day.

When school starts next month, it's pretty much the same except I have to wake up DH and DS's. For some reason, they get up at 6 am during the Summer but can't during the school year!:P The only other difference is after I do my morning routine, I eat breakfast while packing lunches to get them to the bus by 7:30.

prof ash

Jun 10, 2007
Oh DO I have a routine! I live by routines- and not just morning/night, but since that's what the thread entails, I'll just focus on that :smile:

The morning is pretty much the same: I set my alarm for 3 very random but 'they work for me times' - I don't like setting them for quarters or half hours - so 5:04, 5:10, and 5:14am. I get up, do the contacts/wash face/brush teeth/do hair thing & get dressed, make my coffee thermos and english muffin, and I'm out the door at 6-6:05am. It takes me that long, especially in the winter when it's pitch black out, because I seem to be moving in slow-mo.

The nighttime is what makes the morning so much more manageable because I make my lunch the night before. I also set the coffee maker for 5:45am automatic every night before so I can just pour it and be out the door in the morning. I also pick out all of my outfits for the week on Sunday early evening, including accessories, so that I don't have to stress about what to wear. If I know I have an important meeting, observation, or whatever it may be, I feel better prepared knowing that I have sort of a 'power outfit' ready- it's mental preparation :smile:

Now that it's summer, my morning routine has been coffee, oatmeal & gym, and nighttime has been TV/reading/tPF and trying to fall asleep at a decent time. Of course I am dreading the 5:04am alarm clock once school comes back, but I have to make the money, right? ;)


Mar 12, 2007
My morning routine:
Alarm goes off at 6:10 and I get up at 6:23.
Take a shower.
I nibble some boiled chicken breast (It tastes better than it sounds.) while I&#8217;m getting dressed.

My evening routine:
Turn on the TV, not necessarily watch it but the sound somehow comforts me.
Take a shower and get ready for bed.
Have light supper.
Write down all the text messages I exchanged with my BF during the day.
Brush my teeth.
Watch TV or read a book in bed.

I wish I could add one 30-min yoga routine.

CCfor C

Mar 22, 2007
My evening routine consists of showering, getting in bed, and reading until I fall asleep. I have to read for awhile or I can't relax enough.

Mornings are hitting snooze 2 times, rolling out, starting coffee, dressing/makeup, and then eating breakfast while watching the news. Then out the door for work.