Do you have more cute clothes than places to wear them?

  1. I think all of my shopping has finally caught up to me. Now when I go out, I feel torn about what to wear.

    Do I go with my favorite super-cute outfit that I've worn and I love, or do wear my newest outfil that I haven't yet worn but would look super-cute, too.

    Know what I mean? I've created a monster in my closet. I do not go out enough to wear them all, and I especially do not have a chance to wear my favorites as often as I would like. I'm such a loser! :sad: Does this happen to others?
  2. YES!!! I totally understand!! To the point that I need to now buy more hangout clothes becuase I feel like Im in that kind of look more than anything! lol ITs always like that for me though...I can be going out LOTS and wearing all my different outfits, and then just balance!
  3. I'm exactly the same way!
  4. I know what you mean! I bought a bunch of nice tops from Anthropologie that I can wear to work on a casual Friday. After trying a few tops on, I thought it was way too much/cute for work so I dressed down to something more simple.
  5. I feel ya girl, and then I hate getting dressed and end up just wanting to wear a sweatshirt. I need to donate 75% of my closet and just chill for awhile!!! LOL

    It doesn't help that I don't even get to look cute during the day, I'm in uniform, so I just want to put on a hoodie and jeans at home...and don't even want to dress up when it is appropriate.
  6. I love to dress up and get "glam" but in the town I live in, I would look SO out of place. Because of this, I have a fur coat, sparkly tops and tons of mini sweater dresses with no place to go. :sad:
  7. Oh yeah big time. I feel out of place since the only place I really go "out" to (besides shopping etc.) is to school. And even then, most everyone else is wearing sweats and flip flops and here I am in wedge heels, jeans, a cute top and pretty jewelry lol.
    At home though, it's Juicy and Primp all the way.
  8. oh you know how much clothes i have to go out in and i don't out as often to use all my clothes, it's terriable
  9. Most of my clothes I wear to work since I don't go out that much. I work with alot of people so I try to look cute all the time, even on Fridays.
  10. I 100% identify... wow fashion16, we must live in a similar place!! :nuts: Where I live, jeans and a cute top is super dressy haha, and I love dresses, pretty tops, etc. and have tons of clothes with the tags just sitting. :sweatdrop: The only time I get to wear something cute is the one day a week I see my b/f ahh... so all my cute Nanette Lepore/Betsey Johnson, NM, Nordies, and Bloomies sale and otherwise finds are sitting waiting patiently for me! :p
  11. I know just how you feel. I have a stash of party dresses BUT I never go to parties! I just have them...just in case. Sometimes I wear them at home just for fun. LOL.
  12. I've been thinking the same thing! We go out to a nice dinner every Saturday night and the occasional party or function, but other than that, my prettiest clothes don't get worn. And I have tons of them!
  13. Ugh I'm so lame, I have a brand-new pair of TR jeans in my closet with the tags still on them. Right now I am obsessed with soft chunky knit sweaters but they are almost too dressy for work (I work in healthcare) so I also find myself buying more cute sweats! Like Archepelago, I should just start wearing dresses around the house for fun!
  14. I am in the same situation. I am now inviting friends over more and organizing get togethers with friends so I have somewhere to wear all my cute clothes!
    I guess we all love to shop more than we like to go out!!!!
  15. Absolutely. I buy a lot of dresses and skirts, but I wear basically the same outfit everyday.