Do you have modeling pics of your KELLY please!

  1. Please show me some modeling pics of your Kelly! I'm planning to order a Kelly this week and I'm absolutely not shure which leather I should choose. I prefer gold or black with golden hardware.
    If you could say which leather you have and which size, I would be so glad! Thank you all!:love:
  2. FYI I am 5'11 (and pregnant):

    photo 1: box leather (rouge H) 35 cm "retourne" Kelly

    photos 2, 3: courchevel - similar to epsom leather, which is embossed - 28 cm "sellier" Kelly (rigide - seams on the outside).

    tse2.jpg 2.jpg 5.jpg
  3. Piaffe, seriously, you are the absolute chic-est pregnant woman I have ever seen!
  4. great pictures, thanks! I, too, am trying to decide on the perfect size and sellier vs. rigide. I know leather (box) and hardware (gold), and *think* I want sellier in 28 or 32. But Piaffe's sellier bag looks un peu petite?
  5. 32 retourne, Clemence, Ebene, PHW
    I'm 5'7.
    Let us know, what you'll decide on!
  6. Thanks! (I am now totally huge - these photos are old!)

    audrey - I find my 28 cm too small for daily use and use it exclusively for going out at night. I personally prefer the 35 on my frame - I like big bags generally, and I like to carry a lot of stuff.

  7. piaffe, wow!! you look so gorgeous, with your lil baby bump!!! Is this your first baby???
    Mai Tai, you always look so immaculate. Totally stunning!!!
  8. 35 cm, Black, Chevre de Cormandel. Am 5'9"
  9. Thank you ladies, all your Kellys are beautiful!
    @Mai Tai: is the Clémence not too soft for the Kelly?
  10. Liness - that Kelly is TDF. Was it a SO? T-D-F.

    p.s. Raz - this is #2! My son is 3 in April.
  11. Thank you Raz :heart:
    Piaffe and liness, you are both looking great!
    atlantique, it's a question of personal taste. I don't like a too structured bag for myself, that's why I chose the retourne style and Clemence leather.
    I don't find it too slouchy, but I am careful not to overload it.
    Here's another pic that gives a better idea of the structure and a further modeling pic to show, that it can still go dressy to an extend.
    DSC04973.jpg DSC04930_1_1_2.jpg
  12. ^^ MaiTai - all of your Kelly modelling shots are so great! about posting some of your equestrian-themes ones??

  13. Liness, the 35m looks perfect on you. Love the red coat/jacket as well.

    Mai Tai, WOW!!, I wish I looked like you!!! Fantastic!! Your pics are always so stunning!!
    piaffe, Do you think this one is a boy aswell???? I carried both my boys soo high!!!
  14. atlantique, be careful with what you wish for :graucho:! If all the ladies of tPF posted the pics of their you wouldn't know where to run first :drool:
    Well, it's not black or gold but it's 32cm RG Kelly P/HW:
    MaiTai, Liness, Piaffe :tender::tup::tup::tup:
  15. Thank you, piaffe- here they come!

    Raz, you are so sweet and generous. Your comments certainly make me feel good. :love:
    Aminamina, beautiful smile, beautiful dress, beautiful Kelly. You look fabulous!
    DSC08799_1.jpg DSC08830.jpg