do you have lv keepall?for trip or no?

  1. Hi guys I love the lv keepall but I would like to use it as BAG DAY.....:heart:
    Do you have it?
    How to use it?:tup:
  2. I have it in 55 and it's pretty big...
    I think that the smallest(45) is pretty big also...
    It is too bulky for everyday in my opinion...would you consider a carryall??
    Although it's also big it's more appropriate for every day!
    Would you consider a speedy 40? or a messenger like Bastille? both pretty good!

  3. Hi I have already the speedy 40....I don't know the others name...But I will check!
    Thank you
  4. I have a 50 and I do think it's too big for everyday - but I guess it depends what you want it for! I have the Speedy 40 and that's my everyday bag and I LOVE her!!! Bagmaniac's suggestion of a carryall is right on too!!
  5. I don't have a keepall, but I have heard of people getting the 45 as a day bag, but I think u would want the strap on it. I do have a carryall, and it is pretty large, and I sometimes feel really silly with it, but it really does not hold as much as it looks like it would.
  6. it depends on how ur figure is and ur style of dressing, my friend's using the keepall 50 for everyday and it looks good
    i'm using my chanel biarritz large hobo that is as big as the 50 for everyday and i feel ok...
  7. Keepall's are pretty large and if not filled up completely, look weird on your shoulder as it sags and everything moves into the middle. I think a carryall would be good. I have one and I like how it has feet so the bottom of the bag doesn't get dirty, and even if the bag isn't full it keeps it's shape. It also has 2 pockets on either end that you can put stuff in as well.
  8. I think a Keepall is usually used as a weekender or a trip bag.. not for everyday.. kinda like a pegase without wheels
  9. How many clothings does a Keepall 55 hold? How many pairs of jeans, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, shoes, toiletry kit, coats etc.?
  10. In my oppinion its perfect for both travel, work and leisure. Just make sure to but a piece of board etc on the bottom of your bag to make it a bit more stiff so it want sagg. The bag is too stylish to only be used on travel, and why should it be stored in a closet most of the time? Use it!! ;)
  11. For travel yes it's perfect
    For day use on a trip, maybe the 45