Do you have LV items in YELLOW EPI color ?


Mar 21, 2006
Bonjour, I would like to know if the YELLOW EPI COLOR is delicate. Do you have some bags or wallets in this color. Did you have any problem with it ? I would be interested in a PETIT NOE in YELLOW and I would like to avoid to make a mistake.
Yellow Epi holds up very well. I have a Jasmin, Cannes, and many small leather goods in Yellow epi. It is my favorite because of the contrasting purple lining.

Yellow is discontinued but there maybe a few pieces floating around. Last I went to LV they had a whole bunch of Yellow pieces on display. It is a very bright and cheerful colour and of course the purple lining makes it even more beautiful.
I have a yellow Epi Alma - it's in my bag showcase. It's held up very well, just a couple of slight scuffs on the corners. No fading or anything. I get a lot of compliments on it.