Do you have LV, but you've never visited a store?

  1. How many of you have LV items (received as gifts and/or bought them from but have never visited an actual LV boutique? I have two items (actually one, now that I'm selling one of the items) and I have yet to visit the actual boutique. LV is kind of out of the way for me...but I plan to make a special trip someday soon!;)
  2. I only go to LV to try on items but I buy from elux as well and I would buy from eBay, got my mini papillon from eBay for only $156!!! Can't wait till it gets here. I have only been to LV twice in my whole life, the first time I tried out the damier speedy 30 and bought it a couple of months later from elux. Then I went to try on a bunch of different styles and decided upon the bv from that visit although at the time when I was there I decided upon the petit bucket. I will need to go back one more time before I purchase just to make sure but I think I liked how comfortable that bv was and modern looking. The boutique is out of the way for me too and as a sahm I don't get out much that is why I don't go to LV more often.
  3. I owned a few LV items before I ever visited a boutique. I live a couple hours from the nearest one (much to my chagrin :crybaby:) so for now the only practical
    way I can get LV is through Eluxury. I visit the LV on 57th in NYC about twice a year, but other than that I get my stuff from Eluxury. It's disappointing missing out on the boutique experience but I'd rather not drive 4 hours roundtrip...
  4. nope. I live in Canada so no elux for me and I've received a few gifts but they're all from my local boutique.
  5. I have only visited LV at Saks one time, and that was last May. I have never been to an actual LV store. That one experience was wonderful. The SA was so nice. It might have been because I told her I wanted to purchase all the mandarin bags that were in inventory.

    Due to the distance that I live from that store, I purchase from Eluxury.
  6. I already had purchased two mc speedies by the time I finally started going to the lv boutique.
  7. I have to think long and hard before I buy things, and with the amount of money that LVs cost, I NEED to see it IRL first. i've been to two boutiques - the one in Atlantic city and the other in soho, both to check our specific bags (damier speedy and framboise reade) to see if i was as in love with them as i thought. i've also been to the LV store in Saks. the only time i've actually bought from the boutique was my damier speedy, to have the "in-store" experience. the rest of my LVs have been from elux, although i go and check on the actual bag in store first. i use elux because of convenience, but also due to no sales tax and ******.
  8. I have a Keepall 45, Duomo, Speedy 30, Epi Jasmin, Damier pochette and a monogram wallet. I bought them all from ELux. But my next purchase has to be at the boutique in Chevy Chase b/c I need to pay cash so my PHH isn't aware of my new bag. :hrmm:
  9. I've visited the boutique a total of three times. I've only purchased items from there twice. Most of my pieces are bought from eLux. I like saving on tax. No SA has ever been rude to me, but I don't find the "boutique experience" all that exciting.
  10. I once order online and 3 LV items received as gifts. It's a wallet, hairclips and MC locked cuff
  11. None of my LVs are new, so, no, I have never been to a boutique. Would love to go one day-but, hubby is VERY against this expensive bag habit and would never go to an LV boutique with me to shop for $700 bags-LOL!
  12. I was just thinking about this...I would have to go alone. I would not feel right taking my best friend, who would never spend anywhere near what LV bags cost. I would not want to take my husband because he probably would faint if he actually saw me spend that much on a bag. It's not a tv or camera equipment or car repair related, it's just a I think it would be a bit much for him to take. :lol:
  13. Lol... Maybe you have to let him on bits by bits, you know, gradually... Bring him to DKNY or something first, then Kate Spade or Dooney, later to Coach, Burberry... Then after he can adapt himself with the prices, then only bring him to LV. :p
  14. I love going to the store, it is part of the LV-thing, when I or one of my friends want to buy lv we plan a entire day, visit all the nice shop, go to the great lunchroom beside LV and hang around in LV for an half our or even more. It would feel strange to not buy it in the store!
  15. I have only purchased at
    I will visit a LV boutique for the first time in Vegas next month!