do you have Louis Vuitton dust bag with draw string?

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  1. dust bag with draw strings are fake:confused1:

    oh no......

    anybody know? any exceptions?
  2. I have one...that is definitely not fake...
  3. none of my dustbags have drawstrings... but i believe some of the larger dustbags have drawstrings. so, no they are not all fake.
  4. Some of the bigger ones do have them
  5. good, coz I have one...
  6. but mine one is a small one?
    I'm a bit worried...although the bag was authenticated in the authentication thread..
  7. My alma, multicolor speedy 30 and mini lin speedy have draw-string dustbags and I purchased them all at the LV boutique.
  8. mine is a big drawstring dust bag, i am not sure about the smaller ones.
  9. Yeah, mine are huge also.
  10. I have a wallet-sized drawstring dust bag as well as larger ones.
  11. I have both large and small ones.

    The larger ones are for the bigger bags, the smaller ones I've got are for my wapitys.
  12. Yay, mine are huge as well!!!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. pic of mine...small one for anouchka pm..

  15. It looks auth to me.

    Ive also had a drawstring bag before. It's more common with the older bags.