Do you have like a personal relation ship with your bags??

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  1. I thought a pretty long time about posting this thread but now I thought what the hell tI'll just ask if there is somebody out there with the same "problem":shame: I know that may be sound a bit weird but I tend to give my bags names, mostly I call them the name of the model especially with LVs it's easy e.g. Alma, Speedy etc. When I'm totally in love with a bag I tend to "talk" to her:nuts: like how beautiful she is...I know I sound like a complete nutter but I have a kind of a lover relation ship with them and the funny thing is bags are always female to me but that's probably because the definite article for bag is female in German. So now I came into the open and you can call the psychiatric ward to pick me up but with my bags please:lol:
  2. When I get a new "baby" I tend to sit it on the couch with me when I watch TV or read. I like to keep them in sight so I can admire them. (and be sure my daughter didn't swipe it!)

    I call my Vuittons "Louie".
  3. tanja ur not crazy at all....i'm selling off one of my bags for the first time right now and it's killing's like putting one of my children up for adoption :cry:........i pamper my bags to no end, my mother says i treat them like princesses.....they always have something clean to sit on, a nice spacious seat of their own, they get cleaned/babied like crazy.......i don't even know if i would treat my own children that well (if i had any)......

    plus i had this change purse i was consdering selling (but decided not to) that i just can't let go of because it's the only luxury item i paid for myself.....

    i definitely have a love/hate relaitonship with all of my bags.....but my talking to my bags seems mostly to consist of yelling at them for getting dirty or whining to them about how much they cost....
  4. LOL don't feel so strange about it. I think we are all talk to our plants, bags etc anything we love dearly. I did it too..but not too much LOL because otherwise I am probably a nuts! I actually would smile and tell my particular bag how beautiful she is!:biggrin:
  5. lol...i wouldn't sya i have a relationship with my bags...although my newest one has yet to see the light of day...and eventhough my bf bought it for me, he is only allowed to look at it, not touch it haha!
  6. I love just looking at my bags. I'll take them out of the dustbags to let them breathe for a while and I'll just look at them. I just think they're all so beautiful.
  7. :lol: I do the same thing and sit my new bag on the sofa next to me, just to admire it. I'll gladly admit I'm crazy :P
  8. i'm always begging my boyfriend to carry my stuff for me (i'm about as lazy as they get) so one day he decided to be considerate and reached for my cerises speedy.......he almost got whiplash i snatched it away so fast.....his grubby man hands on my baby?....i think not.....
  9. LOL... that is too cute! I usually name my bags according to the designer. My Vuittons are "Louis" too. I use all my bags but they are totally babied. I was at the LV boutique one day and I had my cerise speedy and the manager, who also sold it to me, was asking me if I was cleaning it and such. I said "No, should I be?" and he said "No, I just thought you must be because it looks pretty much brand new still."

    Sometimes my mom asks to borrow one of my bags and I always give her a lecture about not putting them on the floor and such...
  10. only until they start talking dirty to me.

  11. Haha! Tanja, you're hilarious! My bags don't have a lot of personality, they're pretty conservative. I'm sure if I had that adorable little pink Chanel I posted in Seller Watch I'd be cooing at it all the time and calling it "My precious."
  12. Sending over a team with a Chloe designer straight jacket (try getting out of THAT lock!). :lol:

    Okay, I don't necessarily name mine or talk to them, but I do like to sit them in the room with me so I can look at them. And they usually get their own chair. :shame:
  13. I asked my bf today," Doesn't paddington look sexy today?"

  14. hahahahahha u guys are hilarious! :biggrin:

    I like my bags, but I haven't found one to be in love with yet. Maybe in the future. I'll join u guys when that day come! :nuts:
  15. okay...sitting on the couch talking to your bag? You girls need boyfriends!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: