Do you have grey hairs?

  1. Hey guys,

    Well, it was yesterday afternoon that i was playing with my hair and i found my first grey hair!! It's about 2.5" long... i freaked out...and started looking through my hair and found another one, same size, at almost the same exact spot on the other side of my head. I decided to look no further... now i'm struggling with the idea of my own mortality as well as other things...

    I read online that it could be due to different physiological imbalances, heredity, stress..

    I guess i wanna know when you started getting grey hairs, and what that meant to you?
  2. I've been getting greys since I've been about 18-20. I have natural black hair, so they really stick out. I just get a demi-permanent glaze put on the roots every 4-6 weeks that matches my hair color.

    It didn't really mean much to me when I found them. And now, there's so much more to worry about that it doesn't bother me.
  3. I'm 37 with very dark brown hair and I'm happy to say I have no grey hairs, but I do have 1 very coarse white hair that grows right near my part. I pluck it out whenever it grows back. It actually takes awhile for it to grow back. My husband is a year younger than me and is starting to get a few greys around the sides of his head. I actually think they are kind of sexy on him, but now I'm always obsessing and looking at my own hair. While I like them on my husband, the same does not hold true for me!!! :nogood:
  4. I'm glad you have a healthy take on it.. my mom always freaked out when she got white hairs.. i don't think i got the premature grays from her .. So my initial reaction is freaking out!!!

    this was not a good week for this discovery..and it's just making it seem like a huge deal :crybaby:
  5. DRSM--honestly, it's not worth worrying about. Grey hair? It's not a terminal illness, it doesn't alter your intelligence or personality, so just cover it with dye! Or let it come in!
  6. I started discovering a few when I was around 14. It really stuck out on my head because my hair is jet black. It never bothered me very much though. I dye my hair now so even if I did have a few white hairs, they would be covered.
  7. I recently found a few around my part. I totally freaked! I know it's no terminal illness, but it took me by surprise. I didn't think I'd get any til around 40 or so (how naive, lol). Anyway, they're usually covered by my bangs so it's not that big of a deal. I can always colour my hair!
  8. I have black hair, so when I spot a grey hair or two, it drives me crazy. I would say I have a couple of greys, not really visible to anybody but me, and I pluck them right out when they come in. I'm 32 and probably noticed my 1st grey hair about 2 years ago. Don't worry about it too much. Just pluck them out. ;)
  9. Omg..i thought i'd start going grey at like 40 too!! this is about 2 decades too soon.. i can live with the few that i have now (4 total..i just found 2 more) but i'm afraid that they will quickly multiply!!