Do you have friends who own/buy fakes?

  1. How do you deal with it? I have one girlfriend who even buys Coach fakes! lol, I mean, I guess I shouldn't judge but Coach bags aren't that that expensive to begin with. I don't really bring up the whole *fakes are bad* conversation with her but it is annoying.
  2. I have friends who actually brag about this or that fake they got at those horrible "purse parties"
    I usually just say "you're money, but I don't do fakes"
    If I'm challenged in terms of "you can't even tell the difference" I usually say "those who enjoy the REAL thing absolutely CAN" and if I'm asked WHY, I will explain my entire take on it. Otherwise I just leave it at that.
  3. nope, most of my friends have 'no name' bags or inexpensive bags. okay, my sister has a fake gucci bag but i don't allow her to wear it. :P
  4. Ech.... No thank goodness I do not have any friends that buy fake bags. I really would be embarassed going out with them if they did. I know that sounds shallow but it is not meant to be (and absolutely no offense meant to anyone who has friends who do this :shame: ). :smile: In reality 99.9% of my friends carry non designer bags. The only one that is interested in bags carries Coach (and yes I started her on the addiction! :lol: ). I would never tell someone not to carry a fake bag around me or anything like that since it is none of my business. I have just been really lucky with who I hang out with. Of course it helps that most of my friends are men. lol
  5. all of my friends carry non-designer bag. they think my LV is ugly though but i understand them since they are not into "BAGS".
  6. Yesterday I went shopping and there where 2 girls/women in there yearly 20's (I'm in my early 20's so i don't mean to be mean by saying girl/women)

    But they were being really SNOBBY - acting rich - and better then every one else... 1 was carrying a fake gucci and fake gucci sunglasses, the other was carrying a FAKE HERMES!! and fake chanel glasses haha
    ( I own 2 pairs of real chanel glasses and I was wearing my new pair at the time)
    I loved they way they looked down on me It was so funny! (I didn't even have a bag on me at the time) and had just bought some stuff in H&M (which I LOVE - cheap trendy stuff - you wear a few times and give away!)
    just though it funny some one THAT age acting like a small spoiled child haha
  7. I have a couple of friends who buy fakes all the time. I dont care because it doesnt reflect me. I just got into buying expensive bags this year:graucho: . If you asked me a year ago, i would have thought it to be crazy to spend a grand on a bag but now i feel different. Coach maybe less expensive BUT some people dont see the need to pay a couple hundred bucks on a purse anyway. To each its own, I have a MJ bag a few coach bags and getting ready to purchase my first LV or Chloe (both but one at a time first) plus countless of cheap cheap bags. I love them all and will continue to buy whatever I like even if it cost $30 or $1500.
  8. No. Most of my friends aren't into bags, but the ones who like fashion only buy real things. Interestingly enough I was at a work conference and a co-worker from NYC was asking me where they sold Kate Spades because her relative saw a Kate Spade in a street stall - after she described it I told her where to go but I said that I didn't think it was a knockoff of an actual Kate Spade design. She then told me that she knew where to go in NYC to get fakes - I didn't ask. :rolleyes: I noted the next day that she was carrying a fake Prada tote.
  9. I only have one friend who is into designer bags and she would rather DIE than carry a fake!! lol

    All of my other friends think my designer bag/clothing, etc. obsession is I don't share with them when I get a new bag or tell them how excited I am about a new purchase.....I just call my other friend instead!! :biggrin:
  10. I have a great friend who carries a fake LV -- she is a hard working single mom and would never ever spend the amount of a real, yet likes the bag -- I don't say anything and she laughs when she tells me she needs a new one -- she doesn't judge me and I don't her - although I did tell dd (almost 13) about not buying fakes but buying the best we(she) can afford....
  11. I don't have any friends that are into bags like me ..they are more into clothing (not designer). But my older cousin who I see a couple times a year bought a fake multicolor LV on ebay for about $200.00. I didn't say anything about it after that. She wants to believe its real. So, I kept my mouth shut.
  12. Yes, I have crazy friends and FAMILY who buy fake purses. I actually have an uncle that goes to NY and buys fakes. It's not unusual in this area to buy fake purses. I see them everyday. I just ask when you're with me, don't use the fake stuff. They abide by my rule.
  13. I detest fakes. Here's a funny story, about ME!!! :blink:

    My father's a dear sweet somewhat-purse-saavy dude. He works in Markham, Ontario in a very wealthy asian sort of locale, and is a high profile developer throughout Ontario and surrounding places. One of his best sales agents and I always yapped about purses, she has an LV Noe that she got on a wicked ridiculously fabulous bargain, and at the time I was working with my father - Cherry Blossom fever had burnt out - but I was still obsessing.

    So out I went for lunch to the Sushi Place next door - I noticed the particular Sales Agent's car at the office, and I came back. My father was lingering around my desk with a big grin on his face - what do I notice? Two Louis Vuittons on my desk - pretty good fakes, if I don't say so myself.

    His remark - "Lolls, I know how much you like purses, and I can't believe I just spent $200 dollars on these two, but there you are"

    In the bags? One Cherry Blossom Pochette, and a Viva Cite Pm. I tried my hardest to fake the smile at the time, but I have them in my closet, and ocassionally wear them because they remind me of my father's kind hearted ways.

    So there's a good fake story :yes:

    ....AND... everytime he takes a look at a new purse, I can feign it as a FAKE! SCORE!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
  14. I don't care if my friends carry fakes because it's none of my business. I only get mad when they say its the real thing when it isn't.
  15. LOL yes, her reasoning being that "Not everyone can afford Coach." I love her to death but I'll never understand that line of reasoning. I've talked her into buying some real Coach purses since then, so hopefully she won't go back to the fakes!