Do you have Fine/Thin hair or a sensitive scalp? If so, I need help!!

  1. Hi everybody,

    I have very fine hair and a sensitive scalp and in the past few weeks I've noticed that my scalp has been red and itchy. I bought Loreal's Elvital shampoo & mousse line for thin hair, but it's just not doing anything for me and the mousse is making my head itch like I have lice. I have stopped using it, even though my hair gets flyaways when I don't, and the itching has gone back some but not all the way.

    I was at Douglas (the German version of Sephora) this past weekend and was looking around at some of the hair care products that they have, but since I don't know anything about buying special shampoos I didn't know what to do.

    I looked into buying the Frederik Fekkai Sensitive Scalp shampoo but that was nearly 20 Euros, same thing with the gel. I really can't justify spending 40 Euros on Shampoo and Gel. Back in the states, I used a Redken thickening type gel that I found at a beauty salon, but it cost 35 Euros for a small little bottle. Now that, I definitely can't justify.

    If you've got sensitive scalp or thin/fine hair (or both) and you have any tips or recommendations, I'd love to hear them! :biggrin:
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  3. I don't have a sensitive itchy scalp problem-but, I do have very thin/fine hair. I use Pantene ProV Fuull & Thick and it does a good job. I have tried a lot of products over the years and this seems to work best!
  4. If you have access to Aveda, I would recommend trying their products. I have very fine hair and I use their chamomile shampoo and conditioner for blondes. My mom, has very dry, fine hair and she uses their moss shampoo. We both swear by their products, and they are usually all natural so that may help the dry itchy scalp. Good luck.
  5. Try Leonor Greyl products (from France). They're not cheap, but they're the best I've ever found for my fine, thin hair. She makes a volumizing shampoo, and a Banana Milk that can be used between shampoos to minimize oiliness. The products don't have lathering agents, so they clean without drying your hair out. I swear by these now, and my hair has never looked better!
  6. Thanks Vlad, I didn't even know that this forum was here. Did it just pop up again? lol

    Thanks for the tips everybody. I'm going to buy a bottle of each of the ones you recommended and try them out and see which works best. I think that my scalp got red from all of the chemicals and things that is in that Elvital stuff.
  7. I had never heard of this brand, but I have fine, thin hair also, so I may give it a try. Which exact shampoo is it that you use? What is the banana milk? I found a banana shampoo for oily hair. Do you use a conditioner in this brand? I have to use a conditioner, even though my hair is fine and oily, since I color my hair.
  8. I have severe scalp allergies due to a really bad burn years back.I actually see a dermatologist because of it.The only shampoo I can use is MATRIX Biolage hydrating shampoo..then I use Bumble and bumble damage therapy conditioner..its great and its the only stuff I can use without a prob. I am HIGHLY allergic to Aveda as are MANY people so be careful of their stuff.
    Also-Wear a hat in the helps your scalp..My hair is thin..but try nexxus mousse-It has no alcohol in it and it gives me MEGA volume and no itching.
  9. I have really thick hair so i dont have this problem, but my best friend has very thin hair and a very sensitive scalp, she can't deal with a lot of the chemicals in certain shampoos so she actually looked for home remedies and to ease the redness of her scalp and the itchiness, she covers her scalp with a puree of avocado... I know it sounds gross but it really works for her so i thought i would suggest it on the off chance you will try it and it will help
    Good Luck! :flowers:
  10. I have sensitive scalp and thin hair - here is what I do to sooth my skin and thicken up my hair...

    once a week:
    Aveda Detox

    Rusk green tea or alphalfa sprout shampoo
    Paul Mitchel green tea special shampoo
    Aveda Shampure
    Sebastion Green Apple

    Paul Mitchel Tea Tree conditioner
    Aveda Rosemary mint conditioner

    the thing with fine/limp hair is that you can't use the same products over and over because it tends to buildup residue and then makes it more limp and less manageable. Hair thickening treatments make it worse because all it does is deposit waxy residue onto your hair and make it heavier.

    you might look into going to a health food store and finding some tea tree oil and adding a few drops into your shampoo regimine to sooth your scalp, and most minty products also will relieve the itch and you will begin to look forward to washing your hair!

    good luck :smile:
  11. Have you tried products by Rene Furterer? I use the Soothing Shampoo from the Astera line. It's great for sensitive scalp. For conditioning, try the lightweight detangling cream rinse from the Fioravanti line. I'm sure you don't really need detangling, but it is very lightweight and fresh. They're not too expensive, either: about 23-25 US dollars for 5.07 fl. oz. But I think it goes for much less outside of the US.

    I have tried Aveda volumizing shampoos, but they dry out my hair a bit too much. I think you should put more focus on treating your scalp than on volumizing hair. After all, a healthy scalp equals fabulous hair!
  12. I actually only use a "no more tangles" type spray in conditioner after using the shampoo once or twice a week. I color my hair too, but most conditioners make my hair go limp and flat. Since I've started using the LG products, my hair has been soft and nice even without using conditioner.

    Here are links to the shampoo and Banana milk that I use:

    I've since found the banana shampoo on e-bay for much less; just search for Leonor Greyl.
  13. Thanks for the links! What detangling spray do you use? I use Biolage Daily Tonic (I think that's the name) on my daughter.
  14. Not only do I have thin hair, but its course and dry. I began using a cleansing conditioner, which is used both for a shampoo and a conditioner. Once you wash and condition your hair with it, you rinse it out than use a few pumps for a leave in conditioner. When you wash your hair it will not sud up in your hair

    The name of the product is called Wen by Chaz Dean. Although there are a few brands, I use the WEN Fig Conditioner.

    My hair has improved soooooooo much since I began using it - much more healthy. Although its not for thin hair, it seems to do wonders.
  15. I use Paul Mitchell.