Do You have Fall's IT bag?

  1. Just got this email today. I want :love: this has been on my list forever!

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  2. I've been wanting one forever too! I bought the Koala wallet because it has the same clasp and was all I could afford at the time. Now I just keep putting it off for bags that have a limited availabiliy, but someday I will own a Manhattan!
  3. I DO!!!:yahoo:
  4. From all the pics on here I fell with love with this bag... But seeing it in person really was a deal killer for me. It wasnt comfortable under my arm at all!
  5. I have the Marc Jacobs Venetia (which this style was designed after for LV by Marc Jacobs) and that buckle is definitely a pain in the behind to deal with each time you want to open the bag. Looks cute, but if you notice the celebs that carry it, they leave the buckle open (looks sloppy) but necessary to keep from having to open and close the strap. Remember, the more you handle that leather the darker it gets from our skin/hand dirt and oils, and the leather is much more porus on this bag on the straps than the original painted leather MJ bags... just my opinion...
  6. My opinion, the Manhattan PM (the one with the top zipper without the strap) is more elegant since it is more petite and doesn't have the strap to bother with.
  7. I love this bag, but thought it was funny that they sent out an email like this, it's not like we haven't been seeing this style for some time now...e.g. Marc Jacobs Venetia (which I own and have for like 2.5 years now..) Hopefully my MJ version of it will be fashionable enough LOL...seriously though, I don't like when people advertise stuff as "IT", and possibly the most expensive Mono Canvas bag at that, like we are all going to run out and buy it to look like Jessica Simpson.....sorry don't mean to rant, and I do love the bag, just don't take me for a sucker......
  8. Hmmmm...I like it! but I also like the PM.....I bet myself that I'm going to get it one of these years.....I'm 19 I guess I have about 50 years to get it haha!
  9. Ya...the price is what keeps me away...for another couple hundred I could get my MC speedy!
  10. I hate when companies try to push an "It" item, especially one that has been around for quite some time.
  11. Monogram 099.jpg

    VUITTONHAMMIE_ You are SO right! This bag is STYLISH & GORGEOUS, don't get me wrong...But Practical? NO. Comfortable? NO. HEAVY? YES!!!!

    Mine sits around for my viewing pleasure...That's about IT!! (Get it?? This Fall's IT bag??) :lol:
  12. No, I don't have this one...I'm a loser :lol: .

    But it's on my list...a PM, actually :yahoo: .
  13. Did the e-mail come from LV or elux? I agree with Lola...don't mean to rant, but....

    First it total cracks me up that they are using the old promo pic for this bag and the strap is wrong!

    It does not have the slots like this! That's just wrong that an official e-mail misrepresents the bag!

    Also, I wonder at a bag that's been out about 16 months is suppose to be the new 'it' bag....hmmm, why the hype unlike LV.

    Last, I do have the bag and like it, but must admit the buckle is a pain!
  14. unfortunately, I don't have this bag...but I would love too!! I love the manhattans!, but not like that matters...I don't have the budget for that bag right now, nor would it be practical for me, but I love it still!!
  15. I certainly don't.. and I don't plan on getting it anytime soon. So I'm not hip and with it, I thoroughly enjoy my granny styles ! :yes: