Do You Have Duplication Issues?

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  1. I find myself falling in love with certain styles and end up buying them in all colors, which sometimes seems so ridiculous to me. For example - have two styles in mind - the Kooba Marcelle and the Fiore Audra. Love the Marcelle - but can I have just one? No. I ended up (over the course of awhile, I have to add...not overnight) snagging it in black, toffee, desert, champagne, moss and ivory. I mean, they don't make any others! Oh - right, I didn't like the cognac. haha. Then the Audra - I have the original in black, brown and bronze. Now my latest is the newer version of the white and I'm eyeing the whiskey colored one. I guess my point is that I can't seem to branch out. I wonder if I have a problem. Like I say to myself - why do I need a black Marcelle and a black Audra? Are they different enough? Do I need a Toffee Marcelle and a Desert Marcelle? I justify it by saying Desert is more of a spring/summer brown and the Toffee is more of a fall/winter color. Do any of you have this problem as well? Sometimes I think I should just have one black bag, one brown bag, etc., :confused1: :confused1:
  2. I'm pretty fussy, so once I find something I like, I often buy more than one of them. :yes:

    Better to get several similar bags that you love, than to buy lots of different designs; most of which you don't! :shrugs:
  3. This happens to me with shoes.. if i like a sandal then i buy all colors even if it means i end up with 5 pair of sandal from the same style!!
  4. My handbag collection is pretty diversified. I have many colors from many different designers. However, I have bought duplicates of certain bags. I have two MJ Blakes. I have two Balenciaga Twiggy bags. Although I only have one Hermes Kelly and one Birkin I'd love to acquire more! I don't think there is anything wrong with you collecting multiples of the same bag. If you like them and use them then why not? It's better than buying a bag from a different designer and leaving it in your closet.
  5. i have some balenciaga bags in the same style, but always in different colour..
  6. I have a lot of bags and some are the same exact ones except in different colors. I don't mind as I'm more of a collector than anything else. If i like it and can afford it, I get it.
  7. I have duplication issues with everything! Basically if I find something I like, be it jeans, a sweater, T-shirt, shoes or a purse, I tend to buy more than one in different colors if I can afford it. The problem is I'm virtually always wearing the same thing except in different colors. :P I have yet to do it with a purse, because of the $$ issue, but I currently love my Lauren Merkin Bianca purse and I'm contemplating buying one in a different color. I'm always paranoid they'll discontinue something I like when I need to replace it.
  8. Nope, only shoes and clothing...not bags...yet!!! LOL
  9. I do this, and don't see a thing wrong with it.

    I have 5 Mulberry Phoebes in different colors and 4 Mulberry Elgins in different colors. I have four Ellington backpacks in different shades, and 2 of their identical totes. I have the Frye Campus Hobo in two different colors. I have 6 pairs of Levis 501s in different washes and colors. I have an Ann Taylor fitted shirt in 3 different colors. I have 2 Frye harness boots in different shades, as well as 2 pairs of the mules, and 2 pairs of the lace-ups. I have 2 identical cashmere twin-sets in different colors. And 3 different cashmere henleys in different shades. I went to Chicos the other day and puchased 6 pairs of pants, mostly identical styles in different fabrics ...

    Bottom line is , if it works for you ... stock up! :wlae:
  10. I love barrel shaped bags so I ended up buying both the LV mono and damier papillon 30s and I also have the Burberry barrel bag. I'm hoping to acquire a vernis bedford and epi soufflot in the future.

    I also don't mind having Balenciaga moto bags in all sorts of rainbow colors...
  11. I do this buy Fendi spy bags in different colours also Dior gaucho bags. I think with Fendi spy although the design is the same every spy bag is unique because of the Nappa leather used so although they are the same bag they are all different.
  12. well, i would love the Balenciaga motorcycle bag in blue, pink, metallic, green, and yellow (i only have it in lilac). It would be kinda like having a collection of pastel jellybeans...............

    but i have at least one from each major designer, and 5 Chanels! :wlae: