Do you have different purses/wallets for different bags?

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  1. For example.. if your bag is black would you use a black purse/wallet. Or am I just trying to think of reasons to buy more Mulberry stuff? :graucho:
  2. I can't be bothered to change my purse around so use my red mabel purse all the time with every bag. I'll use it until it falls apart.
  3. Yep, I do....don't have any cash left anyway, after spending it all on Mulberry stuff! So it is easy to change.
  4. While I do have a few purses, I only ever use one at a time, until I get tempted to a new one in a sale. I really can't be bothered to swop amongst them, unless to a small one for a party. I am currently in Fuchsia Mabel purse mode. I should really sell the ones that I am not using as they still have life in them.
  5. I just have one, I cant be bothered to keep swapping around.
  6. The reason I ask is because I have a white Maggie coming soon and I really think a white purse would look nicer with it. I won't be using it very often so it won't be too much of a hassle to change it out.
  7. Have only one Mulberry purse, and that's the one I've been using the last months. Can't be bothered to change them very often. And I love it, and want to work on a nice patina:biggrin:

    Although I was tempted to buy the matching purse to my Faridah.., but not at full price. I'll see if I can get it in the sale...
  8. I use my porte tressor international LV! Spend too much on Mulberry bags and never get around to getting a new purse to match !
  9. I used to, I even had to have the different designers too so that if I was using a LV bag, I would use a LV purse etc.

    Now, however, I have a Paul Smith Swirl Purse so due to all the colours on it, it matches everything.
  10. I use my LV insolite wallet with red interior . I also have a LV damier wallet , a Bottega Venetta wallet , and a Mulberry oak double lock wallet .
  11. Me too !!

    Actually i`m a big fan of the PS swirl..have quite a few bits xx

    Also love BV...just can`t afford to buy it !
  12. ^^ taz if you like BV , check out harvey Nicks sale . Last year everything went down so much , the wallet which my daughter bought for me was about 100 pounds . They have amazing bargains .
  13. I'm afraid I'm one of those fussy people who has to have a matching purse. If I can't match I complement. Yes it's a faff changing purses I agree but it's something I have to do. The range of colours I've got now is enough, thank goodness!
  14. No I only use 1 wallet which is my Comme des Garcons red zipped around wallet and just move it from 1 bag to another. I intend to use it until it falls apart then get a Mulberry one.
  15. I use Mulberry credit card holder for small bag & quick outing at lunch/shopping etc, otherwise just one Mabel purse. When I travel abroad I bring out two smaller oak Mulberry to keep separate currency (US$/EURO).

    Thank goodness to EURO - I used to keep 5 LV + 3 Gucci purses for European currencies (some still has notes/coins left in there come to think of it!)