Do you have Daughters in Competition Dance??

  1. So Ladies, the season for my daughters Dance team officially starts this weekend. I have a daughter who started dancing 4 years ago after trying various other activities. (she chose the most expensive activity out there except maybe figure skating) After the 2nd year, she decided to try out for the Comp line. This is our second year. We have the next 3 months filled up with various competitions, but fortunately this is not a Nationals year. Last Summer we had to spend 9 days in Myrtle Beach for Nationals.

    Anyway, I am wondering if any of you moms (and dads) are involved in this sport and do you enjoy it or do you find you resent it? I hate the amount of money we have to spend each month ($400.00 when everything is said & done) :wtf: every time I have to remind my daughter to practice, the shoes, the costumes the weekends we have to hurry up and wait (all day long Sat & Sunday) the time we have to volunteer and then on the Nationals year, it's another 2-3K in travel costs. I never had to worry about these kinds of activities when I was growing up, we just did not have the money. My DH says it's no big deal since we only have one.....:shocked:
  2. I was in dance from around age 4-20, have been taking a break the last few years. Never did comp, though. It's not big in my state. I never wanted to compete in dance, though... I've always considered it an art form, and competing in it would make it seem more like a sport or something... KWIM? Dance is still a pretty expensive pasttime, but the comp aspects can make it realllly expensive... does your DD love the comp aspect?
  3. Well, in terms of traditional dance (tap, jazz, ballet, modern, etc.)....

    I was dancing for 7-8 years between middle school and high school, and did competition for three years (my sister, the prima ballerina, did it for 5 or 6). It sure isn't cheap to dance, lol, especially for competition. Costumes are expensive, shoes are expensive, plus entry fees, gas money, travel costs, hotels.... always come prepared!!! Extra tights, extra shoes if you can, tons of makeup and bobby pins because things go missing, get stolen, and there are always those girls that tag along in the car, who's parents NEVER show up OR give them what they need. But carpooling helps, sharing hotel rooms helps. Having extra pieces to costumes helps too (or just label EVERYTHING, and keep good track of stuff), because people get things mixed up in the chaos of backstage and dressing room prep, and if your child ends up with a stolen black glove or hair piece and it's essential to the costume before a show...instructor will not be a happy camper. My mom ended up as the resident hair braider for all the years that we were in dance, so anything that the instructor needs help with, well, they can always use extra hands!

    My sister was at Governor's school for ballet for four years...we went through TRASH BAGS full of pointe shoes. And a lot of cotton/rubber padding, 30+ leotards, tights out the wazoo, and a billion phone calls a week of a crying child with bloody toes, so my parents know the evil costs of that, lol.

    It's a great hobby, and my Mom always loved helping out and watching us perform, so the cost made it worth it to she and my Dad ^_^
  4. Gosh, this brings back memories! I did this, too. My mom never complained then, but now she jokes about all the expensive shoes, costumes, etc. It was fun and I really enjoyed it.
  5. Thanks for the input. My DD says she loves it and she does a really nice job on stage. I am just venting here :cursing: :cursing: so I will be in a good mood this weekend.

    Pointe is new this year and yes the bloody toes and sore feet are all part of this years complaints:crybaby:but DD does plan on trying out for the high school team in the Fall:cutesy: so lets just hope that works out and I can give all my $$$ to the school vs the studio.