Do you have Chanel bags that you haven't even used yet?

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  1. I have 5 Chanel bags (baby classic, medium Cambon, patchwork flap, denim Cabas and Baguette with new chain) but have only used the baby three times and the Cambon once.

    My reason is I splurge and then have to leave my bags behind when I travel for work (I am currently overseas serving my country).
  2. Does carrying it around the house and looking in the mirror every chance I get count as using it?
  3. First of all , thank you for serving our country!!! second I have the large ultimate soft and havent used it once. I will soon, I hope . it is just resting in its dust bag waiting to come out.
  4. Gucci fan, so funny you!! Of course it counts.

    I haven't used the coral e/w as yet. Now that spring is here, I'll be removing the tag and taking her out -- soon.
  5. My red jumbo flap with new chain has yet to make it debut, but it's coming soon!
  6. Nope. I am usually so excited, I switch bags the same day I purchase.
  7. that's funny gucci fan. i have several that i haven't used yet.
  8. I still haven't used my medium ultimate soft. Its still sitting in the box with the tags on.
  9. i usually keep bags forever. i just used my black bag on friday and i got it like 2 months ago. but i did use my red one the day after i got it (and was SORELY tempted to use it again today even though i don't want to wear it to work.) my purple bag is waiting for it's debut...
  10. YES, a few, lol!
  11. still haven't used my med/large blk caviar w/ gold HW, but plan on using it going to a wedding next week.
  12. Me too! Just got my red chain last night and I am using it today! :heart:

  13. LOL, that is great and yes it counts.

    I have a few bags (GSTs) that I just got and they had not been out until last week. Reason - because DH doesn't know about them. So, they did go out with me - but returned to the comfort of the closet before DH came home. Not ready for any drama over them....:sweatdrop:
  14. me too! you ladies that wait have strong willpower.
  15. my white medium caviar flap! it's not warm enough and i haven't been wearing summery stuff so i guess that bag has to wait to make its debut :p

    and i've only took out my dark silver once. i've been using my luxury bowler everyday though!