Do you have bags that you bought months ago and have yet to use them?

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  1. I do...I have not used my platine manon mm, azur speedy 35, sunset blvd mahina L I have used twice...aureilla mc only twice...roxy pomme only three beverly mm ivoire epi alma once....I really need to rotate my collection...I use mostly my tate gm, speedy, monty gm, epi alma black and galleria...
  2. No, I make myself switch my bag at least once a week so there is nothing that sits in my closet not being used...I keep them all in rotation!
  3. I did... I bought Monty in March and did not use her at all. She was in my closet for like 3-4 months, then I lost interest in her, so I ended up selling her without ever using it. You do have a really nice collection though. Time to rotate those beauties, LVpug. :smile:
  4. Yep, kate clutch, mono speedy 30 and Azur speedy 30 (because of vachetta mainly, it rains too much here)
  5. Yes, I have one I have never used. A gorgeous fuschia Lexington I bought because I got a great deal.

    It's so pretty, but I haven't used it and it's been months since I bought it.
  6. I bought my mini lin platine manon pm in October and have only used her once for like 2 hours........:wtf:
  7. i used to rotate every week. but my watercolor speedy got used maybe twice. its being neglected lol.
  8. I had a bag sitting in my closet for more than a year! :P
  9. It is terrible...I think if only had one or two LV's then they would be more special...since I so many I just let many sit and take them for granted...I really need to stop neglecting certain bags and rotate them...I really need to stop buying
  10. Nope i rotate my bags once a week so I use them all!
  11. Do you love your plantine manon? It is so beautiful I dare not use until good weather:tup:
  12. no, however, i have older bags that i havent used in months:crybaby: i feel sorry for my bags
  13. Cannot afford to buy and not use, I make under 80k.
  14. Yes, I have a pomme bellevue pm that hasn't seen the light of day yet. I've had it for a year :s
  15. I usually rotate my bags to coordinate with my outfits, but due to the weather lately, I've been carrying my Damier Ebene Speedy a lot these days. The one that I haven't carry at all is my WC Pap and I got her since Sept 08.