Do you have bad habits?

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
I'm a mess of terrible habits. Nothing too serious, but to give you an idea:

I bite my cuticles. I like to think it isn't a nervous thing, but I was doing so well, and now that I'm stressed out with work, they're chewed pink.

I shake my legs.

If I see a scab, I MUST PICK IT.

If I have an itch, I MUST SCRATCH IT.

I procrastinate something intense. My post count here has SOARED since I started feeling the school pressure.

Share your bad habits!


Feb 23, 2007
Let's far as I are mine...

I play with my hair when I get stressed out or just plain tired.

I pick on my finger nails when I am bored or stressed.

I procastinate still....I think that part is really hopeless eventhough I try not to do that in front of my girls.

Hey...I don't think non-stop buying handbags, clothes, makeups, and jewelries would consider as a bad habit, right girls?:P


Saved by grace
Mar 19, 2007
lol- maybe this should be combined into a "share the 'lil OCD side of you!" lololol!!!

b/c I have an obession with CLEAN hands!! And not clean by means of hand sanitizer- clean by soap and water!

I bite my nails
I'm on the computer way too much
I watch too much tv
I smoke cigarettes when I'm stressed!


May 18, 2007
When I shake me leg, it's always me right leg too!!! :P

Procrastination is a big one for me too.

And I am addicted to SODA. I love that bubbly sweet goodness! It's so bad for me!!!

And I tend to turn off my alarm to wake up without knowing resulting in me sleeping for not a couple more minutes but a couple more HOURs and I end up missing what i was suppossed to do that morning...