Do you have any winter depression and does buying bags help?

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  1. That is probably just a question for the ones who aren't that fortunate to live in sunny place.
    I do have kind of winter depression especially when it goes towards the end like February/March.:sad2: Here the winter starts in mid November and sometimes it goes until April. I tend to buy more bags in winter just to cheer me up because I hate buying clothes at that time of the year. Most of my bag are winter buys:biggrin:.
    Usually this self medication works especially going to Vuitton gives me a high fly for at least a couple of days but that doesn't seem to work anymore :wondering. I bought myself a vernis agenda in framboise yesterday to cheer me up and because I needed it (sold my old one on ebay)and I like it but...
    Normally I celebrate the unpacking of the parcel, sit and stare happily at my new purchase. But this time there isn't any bag or anything else out there which I really want. That is so not normal for me. The only thing I wanna do is sleep or hang around in comfy clothes. I can't even be bothered to go out with friends or studying for my B.A. I just hang around this place! Do you have any receipes that might work???
    I just hate the winter sooo much and it started snowing in November and didn't stop until now. I can't stand the colour white anymore. So no bags in white for me this year. :biggrin:
  2. I feel you.. We've had sucky weather here in Sweden for months :mad: It does put a damper on my mood sometimes.. Do you have something really fun to look forward to? That really helps me, just dreaming about it and planning for it etc..

    Maybe you should go tanning! :biggrin: I know it's not good for you, but if you go just once or twice you might feel better! I don't tan much at all, but if I get really sick of winter I go once or twice and the gloomyness is gone :P
  3. I live in Miami and STILL get winter depression.

    ** To cheer myself up, I go online and look for swimsuits, matching bags, hats, etc. Book a cruise!!
  4. Thanks swedie that's a good idea. I'll try that one. The thing I'm looking forward to is when I'll finish my night university but that's in 2 1/2 years so that I can change my job. Usually like learning but this year is going to be pretty tough because I've an exam every month. In August I'll go with my hubby, son and his friend to Lancarote. That's going to be very nice. But before I've to loose at least 5 kg to fit into my summer clothes again (my winter fat).
  5. Really so it probably wouldn't make a difference if I move. Don't you have all year summer cloths weather????
  6. I get winter depression. I hate the winter!!! Shopping in general helps.
  7. I'm with Minnie. Even buying something small makes me feel tons better in the winter.
  8. I've got tired of the winter in places I've lived that had long winters. I lived in the Seattle area which in the winter was gray and drizzling frequently and could be depressing.

    I never really got winter depression, as such, but I think things that helped me out was playing a musical instrument..if you have one to practice it, if you dont play one, think of trying one you've always thought about.

    Being artistic or creative in another way is good too, the shopping high is so temporary and not many people can buy bags everyday lol - but if you find something creative it helps.

    Maybe visit a warm place for a long weekend or a few days, a quick get away in the winter can really change how you feel and makes the winter shorter.

    Just some suggestions I have. Hope your winter is short this year
  9. actually, i love places where it snows and rains, that's because i love my london and i love berlin too.
    i would suicide myself if i lived in a place where there is always the sun!!!!!
    that being said, i don't suffer of depression and when i do i usually eat a lot. i prefere shopping when i'm happy.
  10. winter depression? i wish. i buy bags more when work is stressing me out. so that's like all your round stress work related depression! sitting in my cubicle , i can look over my shoulder, glance at my bag and smile.
  11. It depends what you consider summer clothes. Right now we are having a cold front, so our nights are in the 40's and days are in the 60's - low 70's. So, for florida natives, sweaters are required. The point is, your used to your weather, and i'm used to mine, so it's kind of the same effect. I'm used to 90 and up, beach weather, so these temps always kill me, right now I'm battling the flu. :sad2:
  12. That's true. When I lived in Costa Rica (just 1 year) I felt really cold with 20 degrees celsius. Sorry I can't convert it). The only good thing living in a cold climate is that 20 degrees means summercloth and sandals time. I would love to spend the whole winter in the south of Spain. That's my retirement plan but that means another 30 years of work:smile:
  13. i hate winter clothes, they're not at all comfortable to me, so i end up wearing sweats the majority of the time, which makes me feel dumpy and ugly all the time, which leads to winter depression...i can't wait until warm weather!
  14. That sounds like me in winter!! I can't wear nice shoes because we have about 20cm snow so I have to wear those "things":biggrin:

    thank to all of you girls, you cheered me up!!
  15. we don't even have snow, i just hate the constriction of winter clothes...i despise long pants, layers, coats, and anything woolen.