Do you have any weird habits...? Share them!

  1. I have to have my doors locked when I"m in the car too. My car automatically does that when I shift it to the "D" gear. Sometimes when someone needs to get out and I unlock it for them, I lock it back when I drive off. I started this "lock the car" thing because I read too much on the news about people opening your passenger door while you're stopped at a light and run off with your purse. And I'm one of those ppl who put their bags on the passenger seat.
  2. It's probably good for your brain.. it reminds me of a Brain Age activity :p
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    - I can't sleep with any doors open. My walk in closet and bathroom doors have to be completely shut before I can fall asleep. I leave the bedroom door always closed too, even though it sometimes gets stuffy in the room.

    - I also check to make sure the front door is locked and the garage is closed before I leave for work.

    - Picking up hair off the bedroom and bathroom floors. I can't stand it when there is hair everywhere. The first time my fiance saw me doing this, he thought I was crazy :nuts:

    - I always wipe down utensils with a napkin before using them at restaurants.

    - All of the bills in my wallet have to be facing in the same direction. I also organize them by amounts, smaller bills in the front and bigger ones in the back.
  4. I read magazines backwards. I don't know why...
  5. Fun thread!!

    I can't go to bed w/dirty feet. They must be squeaky clean. I never take showers in morn, only night. I must have heavy quilts on me at all times, even in summer. I don't like eating in the "middle" of a restaurant, and I like to have my back to the wall. I don't like to face the wall. I think I feel more secure that way!:smile:

  6. I is so hard to delete the messages. It bring such memories to me:smile:
  7. I do this too!!:nuts: A few habits that come to mind......... I can't sleep with the bedroom door closed, must be wide open. I start cleaning up from dinner while dh is still eating, drives him crazy. I don't take the first item off the shelf when shopping, dh doesn't get this either!!! Toilet paper must roll over, not under.
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    I have to sleep with the closet door shut. Even at my age, I'm convinced something will come out of it and get me if it's open while I sleep.

    I grab shelved items from the middle. Never take the first or the last item.

    I have to slam the french door that leads to my patio before I lock it. I'm sure it makes the neighbors upset (it's an apartment) but I am not convinced it's really shut unless I slam it shut. Then lock it. Keep in mind my patio is screened and odds are low someone will cut the screen to get to the french door then inside my house.

    I will turn around and drive home if I suddenly think my front door is unlocked. It never is.

    I always check to see if the car in front of me has a current registration sticker.

    I MUST sleep with the TV on. If it's too quiet my mind will wander all over the place.

    Have to have the fan on to sleep, even in the winter. I need the air blowing on my face to sleep.

    ETA: I always read the ending of fiction novels -- especially mysteries, before I finish the book (usually when I'm about half-way through reading it). I just need to know who "done it". I've had to promise myself little gifts in order to make myself NOT read the end. It's an attempt at positive reinforcement. So far, it has only worked once.
  9. -wash my hands too much

    -addicted to blistex, i must have it on me when i leave the house. if i by chance forgot it, i have to buy a new one while out

    -i stare at the digital clock and make the numbers add up [10:25...2x5=10, 10x2+5=25...stuff like that]

    -i have to have 3 pillows and they have to be in the right order. 1 firm on the bottom against the mattress, 2 fluffy ones on top of that. i tried having the firm one in between the soft ones but it feels weird so i can't sleep.

    there are lots more but my brain is not functioning at the moment...
  10. when i get any paper money from the bank or supermarket I wash it in my washing machine. I hate touching dirty money. my husband and kids think that I'm nuts. I also have to iron it out. I have talked with a couple of people about this and they don't think that my problem is a really big problem.
  11. ^^am i reading this correctly.. lmaoo.. how do u wash and iron money??
  12. If I'm watching TV or talking to someone and a certain word sticks out in my mind (for whatever reason) I trace it out with my fingers or feet. So if I'm talking to someone about cars, my fingers might "draw" the word car on my leg, or the couch, or whatever my hand is near at the time. Either that or my foot will "draw" it in the air. Does that even make sense? If anyone has seen the movie Don't Say a Word with Michael Douglas, I do the same thing that the crazy girl does when she thinks about that number - only it's a lot less noticeable. I've always wanted to know why I do that but I haven't figured it out yet.

    I also cannot stand sitting in front of people, or with my back facing them. I have to sit at the back of the room or with my back facing a wall.
  13. Kikij: Wow thats interesting, Ive never heard of something like that. I don't mean that in a negative way of course..

    I don't know if what im saying now makes any sense.. but maybe that word gets stuck in your head because it brings up a strong emotion or memory. Or because it triggers something in your unconscious mind to do these things.. Im not a psychiatrist or anything, but these are some rational explanations I can think of.:angel:
  14. Where so I even start?....I always have to sleep with my bedroom and closet doors closed. Plus blinds and curtains have to be drawn.

    Then if something is messy/untidy in one room, even if I go to another room, I'll still be thinking about the mess and have to clean it up before I do anything else.

    Even if Ive left my condo and think Ive left the oven or kichen stove on, I'll head back home to check everything is off.
  15. i still bite my nails..........juz cant quit this habit!!i know it's disgusting seeing a teen bite nails...but i just cant quit it!!